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Changing Default Font in Works

I wonder if you can help me please? In Microsoft works how can I change the default setting from Times New Roman to Arial?Celeste Stewart

Microsoft Works Default Font Type

Like other word processors, Microsoft Works displays a blank page whenever you open it or want to create a new document. This blank page is ready for you to enter text. When you begin typing, the text appears using the default font that has been preset by Microsoft. In this case, the default font is Times New Roman. While Times New Roman is one of the most popular fonts in existence, not everyone prefers it. While you could change the font to Arial, or any other supported font, manually, doing so for every document that you type is tedious.

Changing Microsoft Works Default Font

Fortunately, you can change Works' default font from Times New Roman once and for all. Best of all, it's easy to do.

First, open a blank document in Microsoft Works. Now, change the font to your desired font type and size. For example, if you want all future documents to be in the Arial font with a 12-point font size, click the down arrow next to the font name currently displayed (in this case, Times New Roman) and pick Arial from the list. Next, click the down arrow in the font size box and select 12. If you have any other default preferences that you want to include, make the changes now.

Once you've made the setting changes, go to File > Save As. See the button labeled Template? Click that button. A new screen appears prompting you to give the template a name. Go ahead and type a name such as DefaultArial. Before you click the OK button, make sure to place a check mark in the box labeled "Use this template for new word processing documents."

That's it. All future Works documents that you create will use the settings you just assigned to the Works default document.

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