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Open TGA File

I have a .TGA file. Do you know how to view it?Celeste Stewart

Truevision TARGA Files

TGA files are high-end image files originally developed by Truevision for display on its graphic display cards and for use with its video software programs. Also known as TARGA (Truevision Advanced Raster Graphics Adapter), the TGA file format supports color maps, any image dimension, thumbnail images, gamma values, alpha channels, textual information, and data defined by the developer. Note: Truevision was acquired by Pinnacle Systems.

What Programs Use TGA Files?

Though the TARGA file format was originally designed for use with Truevision hardware and video software, it quickly became a popular format with video game developers and graphic artists. Several paint applications began using the TGA file extension. Today, many paint applications and CAD applications support TGA.

How to Open TGA Files

In order to open a TGA file, you will need a program that supports the TGA file extension. If you currently have Apple QuickTime Player installed on your system, use that program to open the TGA file. If not, consider downloading it as this is a free program that should open the TGA file without a problem. Other options such as Adobe PhotoShop CS5, Adobe PhotoShop Elements, Adobe Illustrator, and CorePaintshop Pro are commercial programs. If you have any of these installed, then go ahead and use your program to open the TGA file. If not, you might try GIMP, a free open-source image manipulation program from that supports the TGA file format.

If you simply need to view the file, QuickTime should be fine. If you need to edit the file, you'll want to use one of the other programs as QuickTime Player isn't designed for image editing.

With two free options (Apple QuickTime and GIMP) and numerous commercial programs supporting TGA files, you should be able to open your TGA file in no time.

To learn more about the TGA file format or any other file extension, check out Filetonic's File Extension Library.

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