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Wotif Causes IE to Crash

I try to use When selecting Sydney CBD or Melbourne CBD of Australia, the first page displays then IE crashes: "Internet Explorer has stopped working correctly..." Then the Wotif screen opens up again.Celeste Stewart

But if I do the following, the problem can be solved.

1) Select Hotel instead of Property type or 2) Before the "IE has stopped working" message appears, if I slide the mouse on the right hand slide bar, then the message will not appear. If I keep doing this, Wotif works fine, but after closing IE, the same message appears (but too late).

We asked the shop; they blame Microsoft and want to charge $300 to fix it. Any idea of solving this? and IE Crashes

Before you pay a computer shop $300, you're wise to consider other options. Having tried Wotif using Internet Explorer 8, I was unable to replicate the problem. The site worked beautifully and Internet Explorer didn't crash. Since you're only having problems with Wotif, and since changing the display to Hotel only rather than All Properties, I'm guessing that your computer is having a tough time handling the large amounts of data that Wotif generated when Property is selected.

The first thing that I would do is update Internet Explorer if you haven't already. From there, I'd also try using a different Web browser such as FireFox or Google Chrome. If all browsers crash, then we'll know that the problem isn't necessarily with Internet Explorer and possibly a problem with your computer's ability to handle the large amount of data.

Run Internet Explorer with No Add-ons

After updating Internet Explorer and testing Wotif with a different browser, the next step would be to run Internet Explorer with No Add-ons. Add-ons are tiny programs like toolbars and buttons that perform functions within Internet Explorer. Unfortunately, some add-ons can interfere with other operations or cause crashes. By running Internet Explorer in its purest form, you can determine if add-ons are causing the problem.

To do this, go to Start > Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Internet Explorer No Add-ons. Once the browser launches, go to Wotif and see if the problem occurs. If not, then you'll need to close the browser, open your regular version of IE, and then go to Tools > Manage Add-ons. From there, you'll need to experiment by disabling and reenabling add-ons one at a time, testing each one to see if it is the culprit.

Freeing System Resources

It's also possible that your computer is running low on resources. Filetonic has many tips for improving computer performance in our PC Performance category. Browse through that section and free up some system resources.

If none of the above works, consider contacting Wotif directly. It's possible that there's a bug in the interface that occurs under certain circumstances. They may not be aware of this bug yet, and like many developers, depend on users to help them discover fixable problems.

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One Response to “Wotif Causes IE to Crash”

  1. 001   hon

    Forgot to let you know that;
    it happon on my Laptop (Vista 3G memory), my Desktop (XP 512M memory) no problem.

    1) the user only know IE (other option is out)
    2) reinstall IE 8 ( it said the version on the computer is the latest)
    3) follow your advise, did have some problem, but after put in no-add on and disable all the microsoft htp stuff,
    then problem stop. (at least at the time being)

    Thanks for your advise,

    One more question: How to uninstall IE-8, and reinstall again, there is no uninstall IE option in the control planel


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