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Server Not Found Web Browser Error

When I access a particular website I get an error that says, "Server not found." Please let me know what Internet settings I need to change in order to access this website. I am using a dial up network. Celeste Stewart

What does Server Not Found Mean?

When your Web browser displays a "server not found" message, it is unable to find or display the desired website. When you encounter this error, you'll need to pay attention to the clues offered and do a little troubleshooting. For example, is the error website specific or are all websites blocked?

Common Causes of Server Not Found Messages

Server not found messages have numerous causes. If the message occurs only with a specific website, the cause could be as simple as a mistyped URL or the site being down for maintenance. It could also be related to a clogged Internet cache or a graphics-heavy site that doesn't sufficiently load before your connection times out.

Another possible cause for server not found messages involves the Web browser. An out-of-date Web browser might not be equipped to handle new technologies incorporated by a particular website.

Finally, malware could be to blame for the problem. For example, malware developers often program their viruses, worms, Trojans, and other malicious applications to block computer security websites such as Symantec, Microsoft, or Trend Micro. By blocking sites that can remove the malware, the malware is better able to defend itself from being removed.

Troubleshooting Server Not Found Error

With so many potential causes, you may need to try a few different troubleshooting steps. First, if possible, use a different computer to access the website. This can help you determine if the problem originates from outside your system. If so, there's likely not much you can do other than wait for external repairs. If not, you know that you'll need to tweak your system.

From there, try a different Web browser. For example, if you're using Internet Explorer, try FireFox or Chrome. Conversely, if you're using FireFox, try Internet Explorer. Different browsers have different capabilities, update schedules, features, and so on, so if one browser doesn't work with a particular website, it's possible another will. You can also try updating your Web browser to ensure that it has the latest updates installed.

Clearing the browser's cache can also solve some server not found errors. To do this in Internet Explorer, go to Tools > Internet Options > Browsing History > Delete and then choose to remove cookies, temporary Internet files, and history.

Because you have dialup, it's possible that the connection times out before the page has time to fully load. Keep an eye on your connection and let us know if that's the case and we can discuss adjusting dialup timeout settings if needed.

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