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Finding SSID on PSP

I have Cricket Broadband. My daughter has a PSP. How do I find the SSID so my daughter can get connected? Susan Keenan

What is the SSID?

Basically, the SSID is just one of the most important pieces of wireless network information that is required so that you can connect online. The SSID is usually specified when the wireless router or wireless access point is configured. Generally, when you set up your Internet (in your case, Cricket Broadband,) it is the name that your Internet connection has. If you remember what name you gave to the wireless network, then you already have the SSID. In some cases, people just allow the default SSID to remain without switching it. In that case, your SSID is a series of numbers.

What is the WEP or WPA Key?

The WEP or WPA Key is a security key that may have been enabled on your broadband connection. If it has, you will need this key as well as the SSID.

How to Find the SSID?

Calling up the ISP or Internet Service Provider is perhaps the simplest way for some individuals to obtain the SSID so they can connect their PSP. Just a quick phone call and you can have the information that you need. You can also get the WEP or WPA key by calling up your ISP.

Another option is to see if you wrote the SSID down in the manual for your router.

The third option to network PSP is to complete these steps:

1)   Turn on the WLAN switch on the left side of the PSP

2)   Access the main menu of the PSP.

3)   Select the button "Home."

4)   Navigate left to the option for "Setting."

5)   Scroll until you see the option for "Network Setting."

6)   Select the option for "Infrastructure Mode."

7)   Select "New Connection" and provide a name for it.

8)   Start the network scan. Once it finishes the scan, you will see a list of all available networks. Select your network. It will be the one with the strongest connection. This allows you to set up the connection without actually knowing what the SSID is ahead of time.

9)   Select the WLAN security setting that you have: none, WEP or WPA.

10) Select "Easy" for the address settings.

11) Save.

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