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Opening EST Files

I have a document with an EST file extension. How can I get it to open? Susan Keenan

Several different types of EST files exist which means that the type of program that you use to open a document using the EST file extension depends on the program that created it. If you are having difficulty opening an EST file, most likely, your computer is missing the application or drivers needed to do so.

What is the EST file extension?

The EST file extension has been associated with certain types of software. The most common forms of file extension EST are travel and map files. Although not as common, certain language files used in earlier Web applications and data files portraying construction data or other types of information contain .est extensions.

Opening EST Files

Files containing the EST file extension should be opened with the original program that created it if at all possible. A number of programs designed to open documents with the EST file extension also exist. If you know which type of EST file you are dealing with, then you should use the appropriate application to open it.

Programs that Open the EST File Extension

Programs that open documents using the EST file extension on a Windows-based operating system include:

  • Microsoft's Streets and Trips (multiple versions starting with the year 2000)
  • Webalizer Language Program (.01)
  • InfoTech's Estimator Application
  • ICE (Interactive Cost Estimating) 2000
  • EasySTONE
  • National Estimator Program

In general, you must use the version of the program that created the file you are trying to open. However, the latest version of Microsoft's Streets and Trips is capable of opening files created using earlier versions of its software.

A number of programs that you can use to open EST file extensions are offered free or for a fee. One such program is the .EST File Open & Repair Tool.

Additionally, EST files created by Microsoft's Streets and Trips can also be opened using GPS software. This might depend on the brand of GPS software that you attempt to use, but popular brands such as Magellan, Garmin, iPhone, and Nokia should work.

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