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Windows Error Recovery

Whenever I turn my Acer Aspire 5515 on, Windows Error Recovery pops up. It gives me two options: Launch Startup Repair (Recommended) or Start Windows Normally. I've tried both. When I launch Startup Repair, a black screen appears with the Microsoft corporation logo appearing. Nothing else happens. When I select start Windows normally, the screen jumps, then brings me back to the Windows error recovery. Any idea of how to fix this? Susan Keenan

The Windows Error Recovery message can appear for several reasons- an improper shutdown, new software, new hardware, etc. Since trying both options that you are given doesn't work, you need to troubleshoot the Windows startup error. If you have recently added new hardware, disconnecting or removing it could solve the problem for you as it might be creating some type of incompatibility.

Troubleshooting Windows Error Recovery: Last Known Good Configuration

You can attempt to boot up in Safe Mode and select Last Known Good Configuration and see if that works to resolve the Windows startup error. Turn the computer on and immediately begin to press the "F8" key. If this does not work, you might need to press the "F2," "F10," or "F12" key. Once you see the prompt screen, select "Last Known Good Configuration."

Troubleshooting Windows Error Recovery: Booting up from the Installation Disk

If that did not work, try booting up the laptop using the Windows installation disk - provided you still have it. If so, follow these steps:

1)   Turn the power button to your laptop on.

2)   Immediately insert the Windows installation disk that belongs to the laptop.

3)   When you see the option for "Check System," press the "ESC" key. Next, press the "F1" key. Your laptop should now boot up.

4)   You can now use the "System Restore" feature to allow your laptop to return to a previous setting when it was functioning properly. This might mean selecting "R" for recovery.

Troubleshooting Windows Error Recovery: Disable Automatic Restart

If you are still having trouble starting up Windows, you can disable the automatic restart option for system failure so that you can see what type of error is occurring. Once you know this, you can then fix the Windows startup error by correcting the core problem.

1)   Turn on the laptop power.

2)   Press the "F8" key.

3)   Select "Disable Automatic Restart on System Failure."

4)   Press Enter.

5)   Press "F8."

6)   Select "Last Known Good Configuration."

7)   Press Enter.

8)   Select the operating system and enter.

9)   Before Windows actually begins to load, press the pause key on your keyboard and copy down any of the error messages that appear on your screen so that you can use them to continue troubleshooting your windows startup error.

Once you manage to get your operating system to load, you might want to clean the registry and scan for malware just in case the problem is caused by a virus. Use a reliable anti-virus application such as Anti-Virus PLUS.

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