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Setting IE to Full Screen

When I open Internet Explorer 8, it opens in a small window that I have to maximize. The only exception is if I open my home page off the taskbar or if I leave a window open at max and then click on another link - then the new page will open max. I have tried all the "cures" I can find on the blogs (such as always stretching the window before closing so that Windows "remembers" my preference) but nothing works. Can you help? Kate Dubensky

Stretch to Max the IE Window

I hope so! A lot of the time stretching to maximize the window before quitting Internet Explorer will program the application to open subsequent pages to the same maximized setting, but not always. In this case, some users suggest a similar procedure with a few modifications:

  • First - close all but one IE window
  • Then stretch out the page - rather than clicking to maximize.
  • Instead of clicking a link, right click it to open the drop menu
  • Then choose "Open in New Window".
  • Now close the original open window by clicking the X in the top right corner.
  • Next, stretch to max out the new page from the corners.
  • Now - hold down the CTRL key and click the X to close the new window.
  • Try re-opening the program and see if this works.

Reset IE Settings

Another route is to reset your IE settings, which you can do from the Control Panel like this:

  • Exit and quit all your running programs - including IE
  • Click the Start button and select the Start Search box
  • Type in inetcpl.cpl then press Enter
  • This will open the Internet Options dialogue box
  • Choose the Advanced tab
  • In the Reset Internet Explorer Settings section, choose Reset
  • Click Reset again
  • Let the process run, then click Close
  • Start IE and see how it goes

Try a JavaScript Tweak

There is also a JavaScript tweak you can try to reset the IE settings. This might not work with your version, but is worth a try. First, open IE. In the address bar type javascript:resizeTo(800,600); close the window and reopen IE - this might do it. If it works, you can play with the numbers to adjust the size.

If you are still stuck with a small IE window, write again and let us know that you tried all these ideas and we can keep going from there. Good luck!!

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