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Restore AOL Snmaster.idx File

How do I restore snmaster.idx data base file? My AOL is in the UK mode. I want US mode. I reset my AOL to default to original set up, but now it says I need to restore the above.Susan Keenan

This seems to be a common problem among AOL users with AOL 9.0 versions as well as earlier versions. It might take a bit of back and forth until you fix the problem as each of the strategies work for some people but not for others.

Restore AOL snmaster.idx file: Properly Uninstall and Reinstall AOL

If you visit AOL's website, the advice you get is to uninstall and reinstall AOL's software. Before you reinstall your AOL software, it is extremely important that you delete all remaining AOL folders and files first. This means any files at all that are associated with AOL including shortcuts on your desktop and AOL checkup. If you are unsure of what you are doing, back up the registry first just in case you make a mistake.

If you don't remove all AOL files, you will not be able to reinstall AOL successfully and you will get this same message to restore the AOL .idx file again. Once you remove any remaining AOL files, defrag your computer next. Scan for viruses and spyware while you are at it.

Close all unnecessary applications. Reinstall AOL. The reinstallation should be successful. It is worthwhile to try this strategy to see if it replaces the AOL .idx file. However, it seems as though this strategy is not always successful, so be prepared to try something else.

Restore AOL snmaster.idx file: Copy the snmaster.idx file

Conduct a search on your computer for the snmaster.idx file through all files and folders. Make sure that you include hidden files and folders in your search. You should be able to find at least one backup file.

Copy the snmaster.idx file and place it into the following path: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\AOL\C_America Online 9.0 (or whatever version you are using)\idb\SNMaster.idx.

Problems between Windows Vista and AOL snmaster.idx file

Unfortunately, if you are using Vista and AOL 9.1, you are going to experience a few quirks like this. AOL has yet to resolve them. The best you can do is to repeat any of the suggested strategies that work each time that the problem occurs.

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