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LAN File Extension

Could you advise what program I need to open a .lan file, please?Susan Keenan

The program you use to open a .lan file depends on the program that was used to create it. Ideally, you have the correct program installed on your computer since you have the file. If not, then you will not be able to open the file until you install it.

What Are .LAN Files Designed to Do?

LAN files are considered loadable modules that are designed to perform a task rather than to hold data for reading. Typically, these modules load automatically although they can be manually loaded. In some cases, the module or LAN file disappears once it is used. LAN files are often associated with software designed to work along with Linux operating systems.

What Program Use and Open LAN Files?

Lan files are associated with several different programs. Information is not readily available on all types of .lan files, but I can offer you the information that I have.

Some LAN files are used with the "ERDAS IMAGINE" application, created by Leica Geosystems. The .lan file extension is created through the use of software tools used with this application to process imagery such as bitmap images. If you have the "ERDAS IMAGINE" application, you can use it to open files containing the .lan extension.

Novel NetWare LAN drivers also use LAN files to load. You need to have Novel NetWare installed in order to access the file.

Some .lan files are language files associated with DSJ3 Language applications and those programs must be installed so you can access the .lan file.

Other applications might also make use of .lan files. As long as you have the proper application installed, you should be able to access the file so that it can perform its intended task. However, these files are not actually designed for the average computer user to actually read, but rather they have been designed to perform a task.

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