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When I start my computer (Pentium-4 with Windows XP), pop up windows show these two messages: 1.HHCTRL.OCX was not found. 2. Windows cannot find SSCVIHOST.EXE. Susan Keenan

In all likelihood, it sounds as though your computer is infected with malware. Typically, malware finds its way onto a computer when the computer user clicks on links that contain the malware, visits websites that install malware onto the computer without the user's knowledge, clicks on attachments received through email communication, or clicks on links within an instant messaging system.

Why am I getting the SSCVIHOST Error?

It's probable that you have a virus on your computer, so you do not want to start the application up. Instead, you want to get rid of it. This particular problem is caused by a devious worm. The error message resembles a legitimate error message (SVCHOST.EXE) that occurs following some Windows updates.

Getting Rid of the SSCVIHOST Error: Scan for Malware

If you currently have a reliable antivirus/anti-spyware application on your computer, update it before using it to remove the computer worm. In this case, I suggest rebooting and scanning for the problem a second time to make sure that it is corrected and that the complete removal of the malware has occurred. If you do not currently have a trustworthy antivirus/anti-spyware application installed, I can recommend the following program: AntiVirus PLUS.

Why am I getting the HHCTRL Error?

In all likelihood, the error message, "HHCTRL.OCX was not found" is being received because the file has been corrupted by the computer worm that has infected your computer. This particular file is an ActiveX file that is used by Internet Explorer. It is also vulnerable to virus infections since these applications can use the file to gain access to your computer.

Once you have removed the virus, you can restore the HHCTRL.OCX file and do away with this start up error. After you have used your antivirus program to remove the SSCVIHOST.EXE worm, you should use a reliable registry cleaner such as RegCure to restore the HHCTRL.OCX file.

One of the strategies that you can use to protect this file from becoming corrupted by viruses is to update your operating system and your version of Internet Explorer on a regular basis.

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  1. 001   SDQAGUY

    I realize this post is dated, but are you really promoting the use of Anti virus Plus? Pleas see this link enigmasoftware /antivirusplus-removal/

  2. 002   admin

    Here is a link to the malware product with close to the same name as the legitimate antivirus product Paretologic Antivirus Plus

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