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Change Email Display Name

How do I change my email display name?Celeste Stewart

Changing Email Names

Many reasons exist for changing an email display name including:

  • Legal name changes
  • Adding or removing a partner from a shared email account
  • Spelling errors
  • Adding or removing a company name or title

Each email client has its own unique steps. Fortunately, the steps are usually relatively similar.

Changing Email Display Name in Outlook Express or Windows Mail

If it's been a while since you initially set up your email account in Outlook Express or Windows Mail, or if you have just set up your account but realize that you want a different display name, you can easily go in and edit this field. Open your email client and then click on Tools > Accounts. Choose Mail and then find your email account in the list. Highlight the account and click on the Properties button. In the General tab, you'll see an area labeled "User Information." Find the Name field and make the desired change.

Changing Email Display Name in Web-based Mail

You can also change your email display name in your Web-based email accounts such as Gmail and Hotmail. The process varies from one email provider to the next though the steps are generally similar. As an example, let's take a look at changing the email display name in Netzero. First, sign into your Netzero account and click on the Mail link. On the right side of the screen, you'll see a link labeled "Options." Click that link and choose Personal Info from the list. Next, a screen appears. The first field allows you to modify your name and the second allows you to add or modify a signature line. Go ahead and make your changes and then click the Save button down at the bottom.

These two examples should put you on the right path toward modifying your email display name.

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