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Playing MP4 Videos on Real Player

Kate DubenskyHow can I play mp4 videos on my Real Player?

MPEG-4 File Format

MP4 files - short for Moving Picture Experts Group, or MPEG 4, compression files are a video file standard supported by a number of media programs and popularly used to share video files online. MP4 compression uses different techniques for audio and video data, which sometimes results in partial playback on some players, such as only audio or only video.

Check your RealPlayer File Settings

You can check your RealPlayer settings to check which file types is it currently enabled to play, as well as to check which files it plays by default. This way you can make sure that your media player is adequately configured for the MP4 file.

  • Open RealPlayer and choose the Tools tab from the toolbar menu at the top of the screen
  • From Tools, select Preferences
  • Click the + symbol to expand the Content section
  • Choose Media Types
  • Next to the entry Manually Configure Media Types for RealPlayer, click to select the dot
  • Choose Select
  • The list will display and show the supported files with checked boxes

RealPlayer and MP4 Files

Officially, Real Player does support the MP4 format, but since it is a media container format it can contain any number of different information types. It is a good idea to make sure you have the latest version of Real Player. The newer the media player software, the more likely it will support the file without compatibility issues.

RealPlayer can support any file type that your computer is enabled to support, which means that the computer needs to be set up for the file before RealPlayer can play it. The usual issue responsible for playback problems is codec-related - meaning that your computer doesn't have the program information it needs to comprehend and support the file format.

Download and Install the Appropriate Codec Pack for your System

Codecs are the small program files that enable communication between software programs and files - in this case your operating system, Real Player and the MP4 format. Codec packs are available for free download all over the Internet. Search for the codec pack for your operating system, and do some research to make sure you are downloading from a trusted site. As always, take caution whenever you allow any program to access your system.

I hope this helps!!

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