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Trouble Downloading Skype

How to download Skype software successfully on my computer - is there a problem with the web browser?Kate Dubensky

Downloading Applications from the Internet

Downloading computer programs online is a relatively simple process, and should work without too many issues, as long as both your computer's operating system and other software applications are compatible with and can support the new program.

Choose the Right Download for your Operating System

There are Skype downloads available for Windows, Mac and Linux computer systems. If you are running a Windows operating system, you need to have at least the Windows 2000 version running. Skype is also supported with Windows versions XP, Vista and 7.

Make Sure your System Meets the Program Requirements

Skype also requires a strong Internet connection - a broadband line is the best. To run Skype, your computer needs both speakers and a microphone to transmit audio and a webcam if you want to use video. Skype also needs a 1 GHz processor and 256 MB of RAM.

Update your Computer's Web Browser

If your computer meets these requirements, you should be able to download and install the program. However, if you suspect an issue with your browser, a good place to start is with a browser update. The most common browser for Windows is Microsoft's Internet Explorer. You can visit the Internet Explorer webpage here and make sure that you have a recent release that is capable of supporting the download. The newest IE version is 8, but 7 should be just fine as well.

Get the Official Download

Another thing to verify for your download is that you are on the official Skype website. Sometimes other sites, like freeware sites for example, try to route traffic their way. Since Skype is a free download, there is no advantage to getting the release from a third-party site. You can link to the official Skype site here. For Windows systems, the latest version available is 4.1.

Download Skype

On the Skype website, there is a big button to click to start the download, and the process should launch automatically. Give it ten or twenty seconds then, if it doesn't start, click the phrase that says start download again. You can check on the download by opening your Downloads folder from the Start Menu and double clicking to open it. If you are still not able to launch or open the download, Skype offers a personalized service through the website Help page.

When the download does run, Windows will open a dialog box that asks if you want to run or save the file called SkypeSetup.exe. Click to choose Run. If a confirmation box opens, choose Run again.

Install the Program

Once the download is complete, click twice on the Skype icon on your desktop to open the application. Click the phrase Don't have a Skype Name to set up a new account and then follow the directions. This will launch the installation wizard. Follow the directions to agree and install the software. Once the application is installed, you can open and use it anytime by clicking the icon on your desktop or in your Start Menu.

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