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Opening BUP and IFO Files

How can I open BUP and IFO files?Kate Dubensky

BUP and IFO DVD Files           

BUP and IFO files - as well as VOB files - are a commonly used triad of DVD-Video files that are taken directly from a DVD and are usually supported in media players.

IFO Files

IFO files are used to contain information that the media player accesses in order to properly play the DVD. IFO information files store data including start up options, titles, chapters and audio information. IFO file extensions store data in binary format - non-human readable, but intelligible to text editors and word processing programs.

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Opening IFO Files

IFO files can be opened with a specific IFO viewing and editing application, such as IfoEdit, which is a freeware download available online. To install and open IFO files with IfoEdit:

1.    Visit the IfoEdit webpage and download the program, saving it to your desktop

2.    Right click to select the IFO file extension you want to open and choose Extract All, then click Next twice to finish the procedure

3.    Ensure that the Show Extracted Files box is checked - or click to check it on the next screen, then click Finish

4.    Now double click to open IfoEdit - click Run to bypass the security warning

5.    Put a DVD in the computer drive

6.    On the bottom left side of the IfoEdit window, click Open

7.    Open your DVD drive files and click twice on the Video folder and it will display the IFO files

8.    Choose the one you want to open and click Open

BUP File Types

BUP files are back up copies of IFO files that are also stored on DVDs. BUP files contain the same information as the IFO file extension and can be opened in the event that the IFO file cannot be read.

Opening BUP Files

To open a BUP file you will need to download and install a related program such as CyberLink, WinDVD or Nero, which offers a free trial.

1.    Download and install the standard installation following the program installation wizard instructions

2.    Open the program and click Files from the top menu bar

3.    Find the BUP file extension location and click to play it


4.    Find the BUP file on your computer and right click it

5.    Choose Open With, then select the downloaded program

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