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Ad-Aware 2009 Installation Error

I have used Lavasoft Ad-Aware for years. It's very good. I downloaded 2009/free and it caused problems with my computer - two times! How can I get 2009 installed correctly please? Susan Keenan

Problems with Lavasoft Ad-Aware's 2009 Free Edition can be the result of an improper installation, incompatibility with other installed applications, or insufficient resources. Of course, an overload of malware infections can also lead to the inability of Lavasoft Ad-Aware's Free Edition to run properly. In general, the best strategy here is to uninstall your version of Ad-Aware and to reinstall it following the suggested tips.

How to Resolve an Ad-Aware 2009 Installation Error: Uninstall and Reinstall

Unfortunately, in order to upgrade to the latest editions of Lavasoft Ad-Aware, the early versions must be uninstalled first. This scenario often creates problems when installing the newer version since all of the old files are not always deleted. You need to uninstall Lavasoft Ad-Aware's 2009 Free Edition and try the installation again. Repeat this process if necessary until you get it to work properly.

You can remove the Ad-aware using the Add/Remove program or another uninstaller application before visiting Lavasoft's website and allowing their program to run its uninstaller. This strategy might ensure that all of the files from your installation are removed. Leftover files can create problems after you have installed Ad-Aware rather than during the installation itself. Revo Uninstaller has been recommended by other Ad-Aware users. Alternatively, another option is to use Perfect Uninstaller.

Ad-Aware 2009 Installation Tips

Make sure that you have closed out all other running applications when you complete the new installation for the best result. If you have an Internet Security program in active use on your computer, it is best to turn it off temporarily while installing Lavasoft's Ad-Aware to avoid problems. When you install Ad-Aware, certain changes are made to the registry. If these changes are denied, Ad-Aware does complete the installation, but it does so with resultant errors and problems running the application. Make sure that you turn the security application back on when you are finished. Additionally, you should install the application directly from Lavasoft's website when you have closed all other applications.

Ad-Aware 2009 Free Edition Performance Issues

From personal experience, I can tell you that this particular version of Ad-Aware is problematic, partly due to its high demand on resources. It does not run with the ease of earlier versions, nor does it respond well if other applications are running simultaneously. It is sluggish and can disrupt other applications no matter how well it has been installed. For the best results, clean up your machine by defragging its hard disk and avoid working with any program while running Ad-Aware scans.

Another option you can try is to select the "Advanced Mode" button in the dialog box for Ad-Aware. It allows you to customize how you want the application to run. Unfortunately, I have discovered that it often takes more than one scan to remove every piece of malware no matter how minor it is. The program just does not seem to be as robust as it used to.

Ad-Aware 2009 Installation Error: Incompatibility with Other Applications

Lavasoft Ad-Aware is known to experience problems when certain other applications are resident on the computer. For example, Spybot- Search & Destroy and Ad-Aware are not compatible together.

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