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Resetting Laptop to Factory Settings

I have purchased a used laptop (as starter for my daughter) and want to restore to factory settings can you help? (IMB A31 with Windows 2000)

Susan KeenanSince you purchased the laptop used, you might not have the manual or recovery disks available. However, if you do have them, refer to the manual for specific instructions on resetting the laptop to factory settings. Several strategies can be used to reset the laptop.

Resetting Laptop to Factory Settings: System Restore

It is possible to use the System Restore feature to reset the laptop back to an earlier date prior to the installation of secondary programs. While it's unlikely that a restore point is available dating back nearly a decade, it can't hurt to check. Follow this path: Start>Programs>Accessories>System Tools>System Restore. Use the earliest date possible to reset the laptop.

Resetting Laptop to Factory Settings: System Recovery

Lenovo ThinkPads feature a blue ThinkVantage button that can be pressed during boot up to access the power to complete a full system recovery that takes you back to the factory settings. The Blue ThinkVantage button at boot up is designed to generate a menu of options or system recovery tools. These tools include a full system recovery of the preinstalled Windows operating system. You can also access this by selecting the blue Access IBM button if you do not have the blue ThinkVantage button on your laptop.

Simply press the button early on during bootup and choose the option to reset to factory settings. When you reformat the laptop in this manner, any data or programs outside of the operating system are wiped away, so you might want to save anything that you have placed on the laptop already.

Resetting Laptop to Factory Settings: Use Restore Disks

If you have the restore disks for the IBM A31 available, you can use them to restore your laptop to its factory settings. If you do not have a set of restore disks, create them by following this path: Start>Programs>ThinkVantage>Create Recovery Media. You should have at least 2 blank disks to copy the data onto. In fact, even if you use the system recovery to restore your laptop to the factory settings, you can create a set of restore disks for use in the future.

After Restoring IMB A31 to Factory Settings

Once you have reset your IBM A31 to factory settings, you need to reinstall any software, drivers, games, and custom settings that you want on the laptop. These are all lost during the resetting of the laptop. In addition, you will need to update Windows.

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