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RegCure Won’t Open

My RegCure software won't open today. The scheduled scan starts and completes, but the application itself won't open. Any ideas?Celeste Stewart

RegCure File Corruption

It's odd that the actual program will not open all of a sudden, but not unheard of with any software program. Programs are made up of dozens of system files and building blocks called DLLs. If a single file or DLL becomes damaged, program errors result ranging from minor flukes to complete failures. In this case, part of the program is unaffected (the automated scan) but the program itself cannot load.

So, what to do? You can a couple of do-it-yourself options that you can try before contacting RegCure technical support. Since this just happened, the easiest first step is to run System Restore if you have Windows XP or a later version.

System Restore

System Restore will only work if you have a current restore point. Check to see by going to Start > Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore. A Window will open showing you the "recommended" restore point which is usually the most recent one. Consider whether the recommended restore point is before or after the problem occurred. You need a reasonably current restore point that took place before RegCure started acting up. If the recommended restore point is from after the error, it won't do any good. In this case, click on "Choose a different restore point" and then choose one from just before the error.

This will rollback your system to its older state; it doesn't not affect data so you will not lose your documents, email messages, and photos. However, if you installed software or hardware since that date, you will need to reinstall it. The same is true of any updates.

Reinstall RegCure

If you do not have a valid restore point, the next option is to uninstall and then reinstall RegCure. Since you can't open the program to look up your registration keys, you will need to check your email or other documentation from your original purchase so that when you reinstall the software it knows that you are licensed to use the full version. If you don't have the information handy, ParetoLogic, the developer of RegCure, has a License Key Lookup tool on its Web site. You will need either your original order ID or the email address you used when you purchased the product.

ParetoLogic offers a free download of RegCure on its Web site. Go ahead and download the free version (it is a scanner only until the license key is entered which unlocks the other features). Once loaded on your computer, go to the About section and enter your license key. Since this is a new installation, you may need to recreate your original scan schedule.

Note: According to ParetoLogic Support, when uninstalling and reinstalling RegCure, your license keys will remain intact. Still, it doesn't hurt to be prepared with the information just in case.

RegCure Support

Finally, if neither System Restore nor reinstalling RegCure worked, contact RegCure support for additional help.

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