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Adtest Browser Hijacker

The Adtest application modifies browser settings.

Reports indicate that the Adtest software displays the capabilities of a browser hijacker. The Adtest application modifies the host file of Windows to control which sites the user can visit.

Users say that the Adtest program redirects the page to a Chinese portal site. Some of the sites where the victim is redirected to are capable of installing malicious software in the system. The Adtest software itself can download harmful files. It downloads files from the Internet without the user's knowledge.

The Adtest software has no privacy policy. It can allow remote intruders and malicious software to access the victim's computer secretly. Hackers sometimes plant software in victims' computers to make them vulnerable. They can invade the user's computer and acquire their information. They can use the information for themselves or sell it to advertisers. Advertisers typically procure user information to determine their tastes and use it in their adverts.

The name Adware.Adtest may also be used to mean the Adtest program.

The Adtest program is able to change the Internet Explorer home page by adding the following value:

  • "StartPage" = "".

The Adtest software modifies several registry keys to allow it to launch when Windows starts. Users report that even when the Adtest program is deleted manually, it reappears at startup.

The Adtest program also adds this line to the Win.ini file in some Windows Operating Systems:

  • run = %Windir%\msfiles.exe.

Once the Adtest application is installed in the system, it creates the following files:

  • intnets.exe;
  • sysinfer.exe;
  • msfiles.exe;
  • and scridows.exe.

The Adtest application can slow the computer's performance. It can also cause the system to crash or reboot without the user's initiation.

A legitimate Windows program bears the similar name as the Adtest application. The Windows file assists in testing the performance of several Windows products. Its executable file is named ADtest.exe. The file adtest.msi is created when it is installed. The legitimate Windows file can only be downloaded from the Microsoft website.

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