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Adsincontext Adware

The AdsinContext application is an adware under the Browser Helper Object category.

The AdsInContext application is reportedly a variant of the Adware Adglobulin and is capable of displaying pop-up windows in Internet Explorer.

Studies show that this Adware displays advertisements on the computer. The third-party advertisements may take several forms such as pop-ups, pop-unders, banners, links incorporated within Web pages and text ads. 

Users' accounts allege that the advertisements shown by the adware are usually based on the browsing habits of the user that enable its Trojan component to produce targeted results that are relevant to the user.

Studies show that the AdsinContext application is a Browser Helper Object that starts along with Internet Explorer. Experts claim that the application initiates its payload by starting a process named iic*.exe, where * represents the characters 0, 1, 2, or 3.

Research shows that the user's computer gets infected with the AdsInContext application by downloading the program from the website The AdsInContext application is reportedly packed with file sharing programs such as Grokster.

The probable reasons why the user's computer gets infected with AdsinContext are unsecured Operating System and Web browser security. It may also be downloaded and installed from P2P applications containing the adware. Unsafe Internet browsing and computer practices are also included in the possible methods the AdsInContext application may use to infect a system. Other reasons a computer may get infected with AdsinContext include downloading and installing free applications packed with the adware and visiting questionable websites that facilitate the download of the adware.

When the AdsinContext application runs, a certain important Windows System Registry key has been reported to be modified by the application for the capability of executing itself on system startup. 

Symptoms such as decelerated computer performance and appearance of new desktop shortcuts on the user's homepage may be observed when the computer is infected with the AdsinContext application. Popups may also incessantly appear on the computer and e-mails that the user did not write are unknowingly sent.

The AdsInContext program is also known as:

  • AdGoblin;
  • AdGoblin\AdsInContext;
  • and Adware.AdsInContext.

Allegedly, AdGoblin/AdsInContext is the author of the AdsInContext application.

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