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Adpartner Adware Popup Ads

The AdPartner program is an adware that displays obtrusive pop-up ads.

The AdPartner application inserts search tools and browser helper objects to the Internet Explorer. It modifies the settings of the Web browser without asking for permission from the user. It shows advertisements frequently without any user intervention.

The AdPartner program installs itself into the victim's computer without him knowing about it. Moreover, it does not offer a way for the user to uninstall it. The vx2x.nls file and the apslp.dll module are part of AdPartner, both of which gather information regarding the websites visited by the user, creating log files and then sending them to a particular computer.

This adware is also a Layered Socket Provider (LSP) that monitors all Internet traffic to and from the victim's computer. The aplsp.dll component attempts to inject itself into the TCP/IP stack through the application of the Winsock API. The AdPartner program then processes all Internet traffic and submits a report to another computer connected to the Internet for analysis of the user's interests for a more effective and targeted advertising through unsolicited e-mail.

The effects of the AdPartner program on the infected computer and its user may result to sudden appearances of exasperating ads on the screen while the user is surfing the Web.  There may also be a reduction of the user's productivity as a result of these disturbing ads because the user has to click on a pop-up ad to shut it down every time it appears.

The program is capable of slowing down the computer's speed in processing legitimate programs, thereby causing further reduction in productivity. There is also a bigger possibility that a cyber criminal would exploit the capability of AdPartner to track the user's activities for criminal pursuits such as theft and blackmail. The registry key of the Winsock catalog may also be corrupted if the user attempts to unregistered this adware and does it improperly.

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