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What is Exif Launcher?

A small icon (Exif Launcher) has mysteriously appeared on the bottom right corner of my monitor. Is this an antivirus programme? Should I launch it or should I delete it?Celeste Stewart

The System Tray

The System Tray area is an area found at the bottom right corner of your computer's screen. It contains the clock as well as notification icons that "notify" you about certain settings. For example, you might see the speaker icon that notifies you that your sound is turned on or off. Another common notification icon is the network icon that notifies you if your computer is connected to the Internet or not. Icons periodically appear notifying you that an update has arrived. Other icons provide you with shortcuts to different features. For example, if you have a laptop, an icon for your touchpad may appear in the System Tray. Double-clicking it would then launch a properties dialog box where you can adjust its settings.

Notice the pointer (it looks like a "less than" sign) at the far left of the System Tray area? If you click that, you'll see "hidden" icons. These are icons that are not active at the moment. If you right-click a blank area of the System Tray area, you can customize the notification icons. Similarly, right-clicking an icon itself will open a menu offering several choices.

The Exif Launcher Icon

Now, about that mysterious Exif Launcher icon. This is an icon associated with Fuji digital cameras and their "Fine Pix Viewer" software. When you connect your camera to your computer, the Exif Launcher enables the Fine Pix Viewer software to launch automatically. This makes it easy to download your photos from your camera.

If the icon bothers you, you have several options. First, you can right-click a blank area of the System Tray and choose "Customize Notification Icons" and then set the Exif Launcher icon to remain "hidden when inactive." Another option is to go into the Fine Pix Viewer software and find the Settings > Exif Launcher Settings section. From there, click "Do not run at restart." If adjusting the settings doesn't do the trick (it should),  you can always remove Exif Launcher from automatic startup by removing its icon from your system's Startup folder.

Keep in mind that if you remove Exif Launcher from automatic startup, you will need to manually launch the Fine Pix Viewer manually when you want to connect your camera.

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3 Responses to “What is Exif Launcher?”

  1. 001   John Buchanan

    Exceelent advice which has more than clarified the situation but also put my mind at ease.
    Because I take a lot of digital photographs, I will not be deleting Exif.

  2. 002   Jennie

    Thanks! This really answered my question!

  3. 003   Greg

    Thanks for the answer and info . . .
    Just an fyi that with my Fuji software I had to go to Settings > Operation Settings When Camera Is Connected in order to get to the option to uncheck the run at restart.

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