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How to Speed-up Windows XP/Vista and Fix Computer Errors

My computer is slow and has many errors: registry, privacy, adware, virus, spyware, and junk files. Also my printer acts weird; drivers are not operating. It is a mess. Please help me but first tell me what the cost is?Celeste Stewart

Computer Cleanup Costs

It sounds as though your computer is indeed a mess. At a minimum, you will need a good, reputable computer security solution that takes care of viruses and spyware, preferably in real time. From there, you may need a registry cleaner, though removing viruses and spyware may solve many of your registry-related issues, so rid the computer of the malware before opting for a registry cleaner. If you are concerned about privacy, privacy software is something to consider as well.

What's it going to cost? It depends on the choice that you make. Expect to pay about $50 for good computer security product, about $30 to $40 for a registry cleaner, and about $40 to $50 for a privacy product. You could also go for a "one-time fix" which costs about $130 to remove virus and spyware as well as optimize your slow computer though this won't address the privacy issues. As far as your printer, let's see if cleaning your computer of the malware and registry issues solves that problem. If not, you can try updating your printer driver which is usually a simple do-it-yourself job.

Cleaning Viruses and Spyware

By far the most import task is to rid your computer of all those viruses, spyware programs, and adware programs. Not only are these programs damaging to your computer, they slow it down dramatically and cause all kinds of computer errors. In addition, spyware has the potential to compromise your bank and credit card accounts. We highly recommend a computer security product that protects against both viruses and spyware such as ParetoLogic's Antivirus Plus. In addition, we have reviewed additional antivirus products, all of which should be able to clean up your computer and protect it from future infestations. You can read the reviews here. A couple of them are free for personal use, so if money is an option, you might take a closer look at those options. No matter which antivirus program you choose, make sure to update it and run a complete system scan on your computer.

Cleaning the Registry

Once the viruses and spyware are gone, you should notice a significant performance improvement. If your computer is still slow or generating errors, run a free RegCure registry scan and see if your computer is a good candidate for registry cleaning. The scanner will let you see what types of registry errors are affecting your computer. As a scanning tool, it only scans, it will not repair the registry. If your computer has numerous registry errors, you may want to go ahead and invest in the product. What's neat about cleaning the registry is that you'll solve so many computer errors at their root and see a big difference in performance. Plus, you can use it regularly to keep your computer running at its best.

Privacy Issues

Next, if you are concerned about someone viewing the files on your computer, you might consider a utility designed to protect your privacy. We recommend Privacy Controls from ParetoLogic. With this product, you can erase your Web history, make your passwords unrecoverable, clear chat logs, clear search histories, and permanently shred files.

You have a bit of work ahead of you. Start by researching computer security products and get rid of the malware ASAP. From there, you have time to consider your other options. While spending $50 to over $100 to clean your computer may not be in your budget, it's much less than a new computer. Plus, getting rid of the spyware before the bad guys steal your account numbers is crucial.

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