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Retrieve IncrediMail Password

I am desperate to retrieve my password so that I can use my IncrediMail account. I had the hard drive cleaned because of bad performance, and I completely lost my address book and my e-mail. I had to re-install my IncrediMail. They will not authorize my use because I cannot remember my password/username. How in heck can I remember all that for years? There must be a simple way for it to be retrieved which does not require so much hassle. Please help me recover my premium codes.Celeste Stewart

IncrediMail Codes

IncrediMail has a mechanism on its site for recovering IncrediMail codes. Unfortunately, as you discovered, you need to enter the email address that you used for purchasing the product. If that was many years ago and you've since gone through several email accounts, it's not going to be easy to remember which email account you used. Even if you go through your memory banks and enter every single email address you've ever had, that old email account will have its own password that you will have to remember in order to get into the account and retrieve the codes that IncrediMail will send. Worse yet, the old email account may have been closed long ago.

IncrediMail understands that and has another code recovery mechanism in place for retrieving your account codes. You will need to enter your name, email address, product purchased, payment method, and home address and then click the Submit button. From there, a message will be sent to IncrediMail. This information should be sufficient for a CSR to lookup your purchase and match the information you provided with their records. For example, if you purchased IncrediMail Premium and paid for it with a credit card, IncrediMail will have a record of the purchase. From there, the CSR can match the home address on file with the home address that you provided them with and verify the purchase. Once verified, you should receive your registration codes in the email that you provide them with.

Incredimail Premium

Using IncrediMail's registration recovery code form is your best bet. If for some reason the record cannot be verified, you might just be better off biting the bullet and re-purchasing the product. Data recovery and password recovery tools are available but since your hard drive was wiped, you'd likely need a data recovery tool first to recover the data and then a password recovery tool next to recover the password. Data Recovery products retail for about $50. Currently, IncrediMail Premium is advertised on sale on the IncrediMail site for $19.95.

Hopefully you can fill out the IncrediMail Registration Recovery Form on the IncrediMail Web site and get your registration information sent to your current email address.

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One Response to “Retrieve IncrediMail Password”

  1. 001   Jean

    I had the same issue. Hard drive wiped clean, lost my Premium Incredimail. When I reinstalled Incredimail I had the basic program. I used Incredimail's form gave them all of the information that they ask for and they sent my registration codes for Incredimail Gold and the Letter Creator, NOT the Premium registration code. I contacted them repeatedly asking for the correct code, but they continued to send the same codes for Gold and Letter Creator. I am very frustrated because I paid for the product and don't have full access to the program. I am not going to repurchase it, I will find another email program.

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