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Trouble Installing Office Accounting

My computer recently crashed, and I had to re-install Windows XP. I've been able to recover most of my files and programs, except Office Accounting 2008. I've tried downloading it from a CD and from the site and have not been successful. What should I do next?      Celeste Stewart

Windows Updates

Since you've had to reinstall Windows XP, you have the original version of XP that came out when your computer was brand-new. Since then, Microsoft has issued numerous updates that add functionality and security. Hopefully you have already applied the necessary updates, but if you haven't, then do so ASAP. While the updates aren't likely to affect the installation of Office Accounting, they are important - and who knows, maybe they will solve the installer problem. Do this by going to Control Panel > Windows Updates. This will be time consuming and you will need to reboot your computer once the updates have been installed.

Office Updates

The same is true of Microsoft Office. Go ahead and update your version of Office before moving forward. If you use Office 2007, this is done by going to the Office button in an Office program and clicking the program's Options button. Click the Resources link followed by the Check for Updates button.

Cleanup the Microsoft Office Accounting Installation

Since you've already tried to install Office Accounting and something went awry, it's not a bad idea to clean up the installation. Microsoft offers a free "Windows Installer Cleanup Utility" that you can use to clean up after a failed installation. It will remove the installation files so that you can start over from scratch.

Because Office Accounting is considered a Microsoft Office 2007 product, the preferred method is to use Add and Remove Programs (if possible). Since the program didn't install in the first place, it's unlikely that you'll find in Add and Remove programs. However, it may have partially installed, so check to see if it's listed there. If so, remove it before trying to reinstall it. If not, use the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility.

Reinstall Microsoft Office Accounting 2008

Once your computer's been updated with Windows updates and you've cleaned up the first installation, try reinstalling the program one more time from the CD or by downloading it from Microsoft.


If you are still having trouble installing Office Accounting, try updating your installation of InstallShield. Instructions for doing this are provided here by InstallShield.

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