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Brainboxes – Download Device Drivers

Brainboxes - Download Device Drivers 

Company Name: Brainboxes

Description:   Brainboxes was founded in 1984 as a privately-held company with its headquarters in Liverpool United Kingdom.  The company is involved in the design and manufacture of add-on cards for computers.  Developments in R&D manufacturing have given Brainboxes a product reputation described as highly configurable, easy to use and extremely dependable. 

The company has the following people as its top executives: Eamonn Walsh (Chairman and Technical Director), Stephan Evans (Managing Director), Patricia Walsh (Financial Director) and Owen Scullion (Sale Manager).

Several recognitions that the company has received include awards like "Best Mobile Computing", "European Manufacturer of the Year" and "Best Meyerside Export Award".

In 1994, Brainboxes was a part of the first batch of companies who achieved a global ISO9001 standard in quality management.  The year of 2001 saw Brainboxes move into the ISO9001: 2000 standard, covering all aspects of design and manufacture of Brainboxes products, as well as customer support.

Brainboxes technical expertise and dedication to wireless technology earned them the reputation of being one of the 50 companies around the globe to carry a Bluetooth SIG product, which is the Bluetooth PCMCIA card.   This illustrates the position of the company to be at the development forefront of wireless technology. 

Brainboxes focuses on the production line for Bluetooth technology, RS232 and RS422/485.  Their Bluetooth technology has been used for several wireless applications in the engineering business.  Other industries that use Brainboxes products include medical, banking, marketing and clothing sectors.  In addition the company also designs software drivers.

One of the products of Brainboxes is the Type 1 Compact Flash Card; it allows communication to be possible between a PDA and other devices with Bluetooth.  It has an easily upgradeable firmware while supporting several Bluetooth profiles.  Brainboxes' Bluetoooth technology is able to operate at a rate of 14 dBm.

Another impressive product of Brainboxes is their RD232 Adapter.  It allows connection of a device that has an RS232 to any bluetooth device.  Communication is made possible between the two devices without having to install additional software. Other items distributed by Brainboxes are Bluetooth Adapters, Bluetooth connectors, PCI Serials, PCMCIA and Express Card serials.

The Brainboxes Express Card was released in June 19, 2008 as the answer to supply the growing requirement for connectivity products that have smaller and thinner designs.

Brainboxes have customers like Motorola, Reuters, IBM, BT and Agilent.  The company has bluetooth software that has been adopted by Microsoft Corporation, which is used to support some of its products.  Fujitsu has also agreed to a partnership in 1997 with Brainboxes to supply their serial cards.

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