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Adultlinks Quickbar Browser Hijacker

Adultlinks Quickbar browser hijacker

The Adultlinks Quickbar is reportedly a browser hijacker that is capable of adding a toolbar to the browser of the Internet Explorer.

Adultlinks Quickbar targets the toolbar of the search engine that exhibits pornographic and adult material and links to websites for adults.

We recommend removal of this threat immediately.

This malware supposedly takes control of the settings of the user's Web browser. It usually modifies the user's search page, homepage and other default pages to lead the computer user to hijacker-owned websites. The money made by these hijackers is based on the frequency of visits made to their websites. They stand to make a profit from forcing the user in viewing their websites every time they open their browser.

The characteristics of this malware reportedly include the display of ads and the hijacking of the user's Internet browser.

Incidentally, hijackers are specialized applications that hijack or take over the user's browser homepage. They are among the most recognized and detested types of adware because the sites that become the user's homepage are frequently profane and annoying. Resetting the homepage with the hijacker still in the computer system is next to impossible. In addition to this, since the hijackers are normally one of the many programs that a Trojan drops into the system, finding one in the users' browser could mean that there are more spyware programs that are working in the background.

While a hijacking is taking place, your browser could behave normally but it could be slower. The ‘Clot Factor' measures how much the parasite compromises the machine by its addition of registry entries, files, and directories. When more objects are placed in the computer system, manual removal becomes more error-prone and difficult.

The files for this malware are as follows:

  • qabar.dll
  • qcbar.dll

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