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Opening Videos from Nokia Phone

I cannot open videos that I have transferred from my Nokia mobile to my PC. What to do? Please help.Kate Dubensky

Watch Media Files from Nokia Phone on your PC

It should be possible to watch media files that you send from your Nokia phone to your PC - here are some steps to try to sort it out. The first thing that you need is a copy of the Nokia PC Suite installed on your computer. Depending on your Nokia phone model, you should have this program on a disc included with your phone. If you haven't already done so, put the disc in your computer disc drive and follow the prompts to install the program. The Nokia PC Suite program will enable you to seamlessly transfer material between your PC and your Nokia phone, install new software for your Nokia phone and connect your PC to the Internet through your phone. For more general information about the Nokia PC Suite, check out this Nokia PC Suite information page.

Connect your Nokia Phone to your PC

Once you have the PC Suite loaded on your computer, you can attach your Nokia phone with either a USB cable or a Bluetooth connection. When the Nokia is properly synched you should see an icon in the panel on the bottom right of the Windows screen.

Open the Nokia PC Suite and Media Player

Click to open the phone device screen, and then choose the mode of transfer for the files. From the list called Select Mode, choose PC Suite. Now, using the All Programs list inside the Start Menu, choose to open the Nokia PC Suite Program. Once open, select the Nokia Multimedia Player.

Select and Play Media Files on your Computer

When the player opens you should be able to browse all the media files and video clips that are stored on your Nokia phone and play them on your computer through the Nokia PC Suite media player. Simply click File on the top left of the Nokia Player screen, then Open.

Provide More Specific Details

If you are trying to email the files from you phone to your computer, or if you are having trouble opening the files in a different player, the steps above might solve the problem. If not, you might want to write again and provide some more specific details about the file you are trying to open, including the file type and the player you are using and we can take it from there. Good luck!

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