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Market Your Small Business Online with Quality Articles

How to use articles for marketing online?

Article marketing is about driving customers to your small business by placing articles that people want to read on your website.

By purchasing some keywords from search engines, you can be sure that the articles you publish on your website will have priority in the search list when customers type in those keywords in the search screen.

With article marketing, you show your customers that you are the expert in your niche, so customers will have confidence in your products and services.

Worldwide Exposure for your business

Marketing on the World Wide Web gives your small business access to customers all around the world, so your business can be taking orders and making money while you sleep.

The Search Engine Effect

Search engines index articles on several criteria, as well as the keywords, including readability, unique quality, currency, and popularity of articles.

Stuffing an article with your keywords, without making the article make sense will not win you hits from the search engines. Articles need to be well-written in order to both please and interest the customers, and to win the hits from the search engines.

Originality is Key

If you plagiarise articles from other websites, you may not get the marketing results you are after, as the search engines direct customers to the first website that published the article first. Unique articles will draw more customers to your website and market your small business better.

Consistent New Articles

Current and recently published articles will attract more hits from a search engine. Commit to adding new articles at least once a month.

You can archive the older articles, making them available to customers with a link and display the latest articles prominently on the website. If you regularly change the articles, your customers will come back to the website to read the latest news or articles on your area of expertise.

Keep Article Quality in check

Popularity of articles can mean number of hits, as well as customers who click on the article to read the entire article, and not just the initial blurb.

Well-written, informative, interesting, and unique articles will increase the popularity of your website. You also need articles that build up a level of trust and relationship between your business and the reader.

Authenticity and articles that do establish your business or an individual representing the business as an expert in the field will provide better marketing for your small business.

If you are unable to write well, you may want to use freelance writers, or websites like, where freelance writers sell articles to suit your needs. Purchasing quality unique articles every few weeks will ensure your website attracts the most hits from search engines and will provide your customers with regular information updates.

Article Marketing is Cost Effective and it works

Article marketing has many benefits and is not difficult to start. It can be an extremely cheap method of attracting many customers to your website and can build your customer's trust in your small business as the expert in the field.

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