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hpqgpc01.exe error on shutdown

Just before my computer shuts down, an application error hpqgpco1.exe flashes on the screen with the message, "The exception unknown software exception (0X0000005) occurred in the application located in 0X 760fbe16." I'm asked to either "‘OK' or ‘Cancel'. Regardless of my choice, the computer eventually shuts down with no further input from me. How can I resolve this message and erase it from my shutdown procedure?Susan Keenan

I am wondering if you are using Windows Vista. This seems to be a common problem for Vista users who also have HP printers. Read through the info presented here and see if you can find any of it to be helpful.

What is HPQGPC01.exe?

HPQGPC01.exe is a file that is used as part of HP's software for some of its printers. It deals with the memory card reader in particular.

What is the HPQGPC01.exe error?

In all likelihood, this HPQGPC01error is related to an improperly loaded file or a corrupted one. Reading through several forums, it seems as though the techs at Microsoft have determined the problem to be with the drivers that HP has incorporated into their application. It seems as though the HP installer does not do its job properly.

What Are Unknown Software Exception Errors?

Unknown software exception errors are those that occur due to problems with the files located in specific software applications. Sometimes the problem can be due to corrupted files or incompatibility issues with other software applications. The fix for this type of error usually varies according to which program it is related to as well as which type of operating system is being used.

How to Resolve the Error

If it is the printer that is causing the problem, uninstalling it should make the problem disappear. You can test this idea out simply by uninstalling the printer, rebooting the computer, and see if the problem occurs again the next time that you try to shut down the computer properly.

Fix 1:

In an attempt to resolve the error, you can use these directions to add the 32-bit files even if you are using 64-bit. For some reason, this worked for quite a few people who had the same issue.

  • Navigate to "Start."
  • Select "Control Panel."
  • Select "Printer."
  • Right click on the printer and select "Properties."
  • Select "Sharing."
  • Click on the option to "Change Sharing Options."
  • Select "Continue."
  • Select "Drivers" and "Additional Drivers."
  • Since your files are most likely loaded in the 32-bit file of X86file, you need to select the X86 file.
  • Close the dialog box.
  • Repeat the steps above to check and see if both X64 and X86 are listed now. It should be included at "Type 3 User Mode Installed."
  • Close out and shut down the computer. The error will still occur because you haven't rebooted yet.

Fix 2:

In order to fix the problem, you can also try this workaround provided the printer you are using is a wireless one. It seems as though using the HP directions for setting up the wireless printer creates this problem in some manner and installing the printer via these directions does not.

  • Open "Digital Monitor."
  • Select "Settings."
  • Open "Printer Toolbox."
  • Open "Network Settings."
  • Open "Wireless Settings."
  • Use a USB cable as long as there is an available port on the printer to install it. This might require you to set up the printer from scratch, but I have read that it makes the error disappear.

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3 Responses to “hpqgpc01.exe error on shutdown”

  1. 001   Lee

    Today a client of mine had the same problem with her laptop. She has a wireless HP Ofc. Jet 6500 printer. Her printer was off when we shut down the laptop and got the same error message. We turned on the printer, booted up Vista, then did a shutdown with the printer still on and did not get the error message. I then shut down the printer, booted up the laptop again, but did not turn on the printer, did a shutdown and did not get the error. Just a thought. Printer should NOT have to be on but turn it on anyway and do the shutdown and see if this stops the error like it did my client's.

  2. 002   Robaye

    This is supposed to have been resolved with recent newer versions of HP Digital Imaging drivers/software.

  3. 003   Dylan

    Go to this site (HP's Site) They have an update that will prevent this! Previous post should be deleted as it is unnecessary.

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