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Video Cable Connected

I have an eMachine computer. When I turn on the monitor it says ‘video cable connected'. What does this mean?Kate Dubensky

Video Cable Connected Error

There are a couple different possibilities for the Video Cable Connected message. It could mean that the video or graphics card isn't connected properly or is burned out. Or it could mean that your computer monitor is dead. Either way, the message means that the computer can't communicate properly with the monitor.

Test your Monitor

The easiest and least expensive way to start troubleshooting this error is by testing your monitor. The easiest way to do this is by connecting it to a functioning computer tower. If you don't have another computer to try it on and can't borrow one, you can take it in to a computer shop and they will probably try it for you for little or no charge. In this case, just ask the tech to check if the monitor works.

Update your Graphics/Video Card

If it doesn't, then you will need to replace it. If it does work, then you can test the graphics card on your computer. The first step is to update the graphics card driver.

  1. Right click the My Computer icon, then choose Properties
  2. Choose the Device Manager tab
  3. Scroll through and find the Display Adapters listing. Click the + beside the listing to expand the contents
  4. Note the name and manufacturer of your video or graphics card
  5. First, right click the device and
    1. Choose Update, this might be sufficient to update the driver OR
    2. Choose Remove and go to the video card manufacturer's website and look for a downloads and drivers page, or check under the support option
      1. Choose the correct driver for your model
      2. Follow the offered instructions to download the driver - save it to the desktop
      3. Click twice on the desktop icon and follow the instructions
      4. Turn your computer off, then reboot

Reseat your Graphics/Video Card

This might do it. If not, you can open the computer and take the video card out and then reposition it. Sometimes this process, known as reseating, is sufficient to reset the card. Before you open your computer, unplug it from the power source and take steps to ground yourself to protect against static electricity. Use your computer user's manual to locate the video card, then open the computer and reseat the card. I hope that this works for you. If you need more help, let us know. Good luck!

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