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Vertical Line on Laptop Display

There is a thin blue line that appears vertically on the right of my screen on my laptop when I turn it on. What is it and how do I get it to go away?Kate Dubensky

Check the Laptop Screen and Case for Wear

A thin, colored line on your laptop screen could really be caused by a number of things. For starters, the process of opening and closing the lid of your laptop can create wear and tear for your monitor screen. If you are pulling up on the case, it might be stressing the screen underneath. Start by checking out the screen and case connections manually. Does it get any better or worse if you gently bend the screen and case? If so, you might be able to repair it by tightening the screen casing and being a little more gentle when you open it. You will likely need to take it in to a technician unless you can mend the seams and the connection yourself. Or, if the problem is a cracked ribbon or solder joint, you will definitely need to have it repaired professionally.

Remove and Reinstall your Video Card Drivers

It is also possible that your video or graphics card needs either driver updates or replacement. You can test this theory by uninstalling and then reinstalling your drivers. If this doesn't help, then you might need a new card, but a tech will be able to tell you for sure.

  1. Click Start, then Control Panel
  2. Choose System, then Hardware, then Device Manager
  3. Scroll through and look for your video or graphics card
  4. If there are any yellow or red !s or ?s, then there are likely driver issues
  5. If you are using the cards that came stock with your computer, you can click remove drivers, then reboot the computer and Windows should automatically re-install the drivers
  6. You can then repeat the steps back to Device Manager to check the status and click Update to get the latest drivers for your card

If you are still having the same issues, you will likely need to take it in to a shop. If you want to try, you can use your laptop user manual to find and remove and reseat the video card cables to see if this helps, but opening your computer's case will likely nullify the warranty, so be careful. Depending on the age and use of your computer, it is likely a screen or LCD issue that a repair could solve. Good luck!

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