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Slow Download Times

Within the last two weeks when I get something that has to be downloaded; the download time is very long and slow. Any ideas why? Recently a download took over 20 minutes!Kat Delong

There could be a lot of things that can cause slow downloads, so let's do some troubleshooting.

Slow Internet Speeds

Are you finding that your overall Internet has slowed, or is it just the downloads? If you are finding that the Internet is slow, you can do a few things to try to speed it up. To test your Internet connection speed, you can use a program like the McAfee Internet Connection Speedometer, or go to the Internet icon at the bottom right of your computer and put the mouse over it. This will bring up a screen that will give you Internet information. If you get around 80% of the ISP's advertised speed, then you are doing pretty well.

Delete Cache and Cookies

Close all of your web browsers. Go to Start and Control Panel. Go to Internet Options and then to the General tab. Click on Delete Cookies. Then choose Delete Files and put a check by Delete all offline content. Click Ok and then Close.

Virus Programs

It's possible that a virus is causing your slow download speeds - it's also possible that it is your antivirus program itself that is causing the problem. First, make sure your antivirus program is updated and then run a full scan. If you suspect that it is the antivirus program itself, you can temporarily turn it off then go to a trusted site and try a download. If it is much faster, you will either need to adjust the security settings or try another antivirus program. Norton in particular is known to cause download speed issues.

Registry Problems

It's possible that something in the registry is causing slowdowns on your system. A program like RegCure will monitor and clean up the system and may result in faster download speeds. There is a free trial, and it isn't a bad idea to run it in any case.

Internet Problems

To do an in-depth line test, you will need to call your service provider. Once you have them on the phone, the can test the line to make sure that it is nothing on their end.

Accelerator Software

If your Internet is running fine and there are no other problems, you can try a program like Download accelerator plus. These often speed up your downloads so that you can avoid partial downloading of programs and timing out.

Hopefully, one of these solutions will help you out - if you need further assistance, please let us know.

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