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Getting Help with Device Drivers

Is there a free service that I could talk to over the phone to help me install drivers on my computer?Kate Dubensky

Get Free Phone Tech Support from the Device Manufacturer

I can't think of any services that offer free phone support for drivers in general, but you can most likely get some one-on-one assistance from the manufacturer of the device that you want to install or update drivers for. For example, if you are installing an HP printer, you can contact HP customer support for help. This website has a massive list of manufacturer's and their 1-800 or local numbers, I hope it helps.

Free Software Programs Online

There are also a lot of free software download programs that offer driver location and installation assistance. However, as with most free downloads, be very careful that you know what you are getting and that the site or program is genuine and reputable.

Using Windows Updates for Drivers

This said, I think that I can help you learn what you need to know to find device drivers on your own, or at least have a good idea about how to start. Windows includes driver updates in its Windows Updates program, which you can install and set to run automatically whenever you want. This is a good tool for keeping your system up to date.

Use Device Manager to Update Drivers

To find device drivers, there are two or three major options. First, use Windows Device Manager to search for missing drivers. Here's how:

  1. Log on as an administrator
  2. Click Start, then Control Panel, and then System and Maintenance
  3. Choose Device Manager
  4. If you are asked, provide the administrator password or press Enter to continue
  5. Scroll to find your graphics or video card and click it twice to open
  6. Choose the Driver tab, and click Update Driver
  7. Follow the on-screen directions to load the driver update

Use the Manufacturer's Website to Find Drivers

Secondly, you can use the manufacturer's website to look for drivers. Most device makers offer a "drivers and downloads" page on their websites that you can look at to find drivers for your product. Sometimes you can enter your product model number into a search and it will locate the right drivers for you.

Buy a Driver Genius Software Program

Thirdly, there are numerous programs available for both free download and for purchase that will help you find and install drivers. At Filetonic we recommend a driver program by Paretologic called DriverCure. There is also a tech support service that we recommend that you can access here.

Load the Drivers from the CD

If you have a CD that came with your device, then most likely the drivers are on it. If you connect the device to the computer and reboot your system, the computer should recognize the device and launch the Add Hardware wizard, which will walk you through adding the drivers from the CD. If the wizard doesn't launch, open it manually by choosing the Add Hardware icon in the Control Panel.

I hope this helps, if not, write again with some more specifics about your device, driver situation and operating system and we can help you from there. Good luck!

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2 Responses to “Getting Help with Device Drivers”

  1. 001   GracieG

    Dear Admin Cleste S,

    Hi there, mine laptop had been infected with a terrible virus which came as 1 of those drive by down load that shut system and totally corrupted mine Win32system with a count of 491 trojan and viruit at it peak,

    hence I had to set ati driver, intel proset, ati video drivers as mine Compaq is a 2002 version, from CD.

    everything seems to work well initially or so I thought, until I discovered that the scroll on the usb mouse I am using, seems to turn itself off n on at times whimscally, (select button seemed a tat weird too, I am selecting single click to open mine folders with underline,, at times it still requires 2 click on the usb mouse, model: aspire ball mouse or imation optical (800 dpi) ) I am thinking. . .might this due to a drivers problem ??

    This whimscally scrolling extends to internet pages and word, excel documents.

    a sales person suggest I purchase a mouse with Genius Netscroll, as it comes with drivers software on the net.
    Is this a solution ?

    the built in navi touch pad a o.k.

    kindly advise.
    If there is a need to install new drivers, please provide a link.

    Best Regard and a good day,

  2. 002   Celeste Stewart

    Hello, here's some information that should help:
    Thanks! The Team
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