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Detecting the Media Center Extender DMA2100

I have bought a Media Center Extender DMA2100 but I can't get my laptop to find it, please help?Kate Dubensky

Extender did not Connect Error Message

When trying to connect the Windows Media Center Extended to your computer you might get an error message that says "Extender did not connect. The Extender was set up successfully, but has failed to connect to this computer." If this is the error that you are getting, it is most likely related to a fingerprint reader program attached to your security system. If you do not use the fingerprint reader program, you can remove the error by removing the program - it is something that creates a secure login - and most often a program called VeriSoft Access Manager. You can remove it with Windows Add/Remove.

Troubleshoot the Interfering Program

First double check all the connections and turn the Extender and the computer on and off to prompt an auto detection. If you are still blocked by this message, you can either contact your security software manufacturer for a workaround - let them know about the Extender and error message, or you can uninstall the program that is causing the trouble. If you go this route, be sure to replace the program with an equal security force to protect against viruses and malware.

Update your Software and Reinstall the Drivers

If you aren't getting this error, and the extender is just not showing up in the laptop at all, then you might have a driver issue. First of all, you can open Device Manager and check if the computer can see the Extender. Click Start, then Control Panel, and then click twice on System. Select the Hardware tab and then choose Device Manager.

Scroll around and look for the Extender listing. Once you find it, look for any yellow exclamation marks or red Xs. Click these icons to get more information about the problem. As usual, with driver issues, you should update your operating system with Windows Updates. The Extender program might need something from a recent update that your computer is missing. Also, you can try removing the drivers for the Extender while in Device Manager. Just click the information tab, and then remove drivers. Next, remove the Extender from the laptop, reconnect it, and then reboot the computer. Using the manual that came with the Extender, load the drivers again. You can also check with the manufacturer's website for more relevant drivers.

More Specific Error Information

Good luck, I hope this helps. If not, write again and let us know more about the connection error you are getting and whether or not the device is appearing in Device Manager.

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