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Casino Games Cannot Connect to Server

We have always had a few casinos downloaded and would play them regularly. A few days ago out of the blue, none of them will connect to the server. We are not having Internet connection problems with anything. When we try to log in, it gives the message cannot connect to server, please try again. We contacted customer support for the casinos and they are not having any other complaints from others saying they cannot connect. We are thinking maybe my young son who likes to click all over the place may have changed something that will not allow them to work. Any suggestions what that might be?Kat Delong

My guess is that you're right and that your son did accidentally press something that is causing the problem - kids and buttons, they're hard to resist. I'm thinking that the problem is in your security settings somewhere, so let's start with the most likely cause and work our way down.

Turn Off Internal Firewall

Online gaming sites are notorious for causing problems and are usually scanned very carefully with both internal security and third-party security software. If you have a third-party security suite - and if you don't, you should - it can cause a conflict with internal Windows security that comes with your operating system. In general, we recommend turning Windows Firewall off, and letting your third party firewall run - running two firewalls at one time is practically guaranteed to cause problems. To do this, you're going to have to know what version of Windows Service Pack you're running. If you don't know, go to Start and then Run. At the prompt, type in: sysdm.cpl and then click Ok. This will bring up lines of text on your screen - the last line under System will tell you what Service Pack you have.

Once you know what version you're running, you can turn off the internal firewall. These directions are only for those with Service Pack 2 and 3 - if you have another version, you can go to the Microsoft website and find directions that will work for your system. Go to Start and then Run. In the dialog box, type in: Firewall.cpl and click Ok. Find the General tab and click Off. Then click Ok to exit out. Once that is turned off, you can try to access the games once again. As a test, you can TEMPORARILY turn off your third party firewall if you're still having trouble, but I don't advocate turning your third-party firewall off for any length of time.

Check Security Settings

If your firewall isn't the culprit, check the security settings on your machine. If your security settings are too high, it will block access to sites like gaming sites. There will usually be an icon for your security software on the taskbar - click on that and it should be easy for you to find where to adjust your security.

I think that adjusting your security will do the trick. If you need any additional help, let us know.

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