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Using Roadrunner’s Virus Protection

I just signed up for they said there would be a free program of virus protection that comes with the Roadrunner service at Which one do I click on?Celeste Stewart


First, let's make sure that you go to the appropriate webpage. There's a big difference between and One site is the official site of the Roadrunner Internet service provider while the other is a directory of sorts, possibly trying to take advantage of users that think they are on the actual Roadrunner site. Go to You should see an image of the roadrunner wearing a lifesaver along with the Roadrunner Highspeed Online graphic.

Regional Differences

Roadrunner has a few regional differences, so the steps may be slightly different depending on where you are located. I use Roadrunner here in southern California which is operated by Time Warner Cable. For example, my Roadrunner e-mail address uses the extension while my dad's uses the extension. Other than that, I believe we have access to the same Roadrunner tools.

Finding the Free Software

On the Web site, there's a Support area with an icon that looks like a shield labeled Security. Click this icon. From there, you'll see a list of security topics including CA Internet Security Suite. This product comes with:

  • CA Antivirus
  • CA Personal Firewall
  • CA Anti-spam
  • CA Antispyware

Roadrunner offers this security suite free to all Roadrunner users. Currently the direct link to this security suite is: You'll need to click the image of the software and then sign in with your Roadrunner user name and password before you can download and install the product.

Other Freebies from Roadrunner

Roadrunner offers other freebies including free online storage and backups (up to 500 MB), personal homepages, free Internet radio, Web-based e-mail, and a variety of "self-care" tools that help you troubleshoot common Internet errors. Start exploring everything that your ISP now offers and get the most out of your investment.


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