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Uninstalling the Microsoft Office Trial

I recently installed a free trial of Microsoft Office Professional 2007. It expired so I tried to uninstall it without success. I used an uninstaller to uninstall it, which it did. Now that I have I a disc to install Microsoft Word onto my computer, it is saying I still have Word on my computer!Celeste Stewart

Microsoft Office is finicky about installing when the computer has another version of it lurking in the background. Since you've already uninstalled the trial version of Office Professional, I'm wondering if your computer might not have another trial version installed on it. For example, many computer manufacturers preinstall the trial version of the Home and Student version of Office 2007. Another possibility is that the uninstall somehow failed. Let's take a look in the Add & Remove Programs (Programs and Features in Vista) section to see if we can find any versions of Office that may have been overlooked.

Add and Remove Programs

Go to Start > Control Panel and find either Add and Remove Programs or Programs and Features (depending on your operating system). Scroll through the list to make sure that no instances of Microsoft Office are installed. If any are, remove them. If you do find a version of Office on your computer and remove it, you should now be able to load the new version from your Microsoft Office disc.

Manual MS Office Removal Steps

On the other hand, if Add and Remove programs didn't show any additional copies of Office or didn't work, the next step is to try a manual workaround. The uninstaller program that you used should have completely uninstalled Office but it appears that something has been left behind and is tricking the new installation program into thinking that Microsoft Word is still on your computer. Since it sounds like original trial version was partially uninstalled, you may have a leftover file in an installation folder or the Windows registry.

Manually removing Microsoft Office is a complex process involving:

  • Removing Microsoft Office installer packages
  • Stopping the Office Source Engine service
  • Removing Microsoft Office installation folders
  • Removing Microsoft Office installation files
  • Removing registry subkeys for Microsoft Office

Fortunately, Microsoft provides a step-by-step knowledge base article detailing these steps. Read Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 928218 and follow the steps. Restart the computer and try installing your copy of Office from CD. It should work now that all of the leftover installation files have been removed.

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