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Recovering Deleted Yahoo Emails

How do I recover recently deleted Yahoo emails and how do I find old email messages that have been deleted on Yahoo?

How to Recover Deleted Yahoo Emails

Yahoo eMail's Trash Folder

Yahoo Mail, like many Web-based e-mail systems, offers a dedicated folder where deleted e-mail messages reside temporarily before being permanently deleted. In Yahoo's case, this folder is aptly named the "Trash" folder. If you've recently deleted the messages, the Trash folder should be your first destination. However, messages can be removed from the Trash folder at any time by Yahoo, so even if you haven't emptied it, Yahoo may have.

Once deleted from the Trash folder, these messages are gone for good (at least from Yahoo's mail servers).

Recovering Local Copies of Yahoo eMail

If you have set up Yahoo Mail to download locally such as via POP3 access to Outlook Express or Windows Live Mail, then your options are more plentiful. Programs such as Outlook Express download the mail from online servers and save a copy of the messages on your computer. Even if you deleted the file online, if Outlook Express had previously downloaded it, then the message will be available on your computer. If you deleted the message locally, check your Deleted Items folder in see if it's still available.

Using Data Recovery to Recover Local Copies of Yahoo eMail

If you have accessed the messages on your local computer, there's a small chance that a datarecovery product such as DataRecoveryPro can find and recover the deleted temporary files associated with viewing the Yahoo Mail on your computer. While this product does not specifically support Web-based e-mail accounts, you might try the free scanner tool to create a custom search using the term "yahoo" as part of the criteria. It's a long shot, but worth trying.

Using Privacy Controls to View email and web history  

Another option is to run the Privacy Controls scanner tool on your computer and see if you can view the deleted emails via the Internet Browsing History or Instant Messaging features. While this won't recover the emails for you, it will reveal if they are viewable on your computer and should give you the path to the files so that you can then navigate to them individually.

Web-based Yahoo e-mail is convenient in that you can access it from any Internet-connected computer. However, once e-mail has been deleted, if you don't have a local copy, you may be out of luck.

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