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Missing Codecs in Windows Media Player

I have a Vista machine at home and I took clips from a digital camera named aiptek/dv 4500 w/mpeg-4;4mega; mp3; usb2.0 8.55 mm/f3.5 and I can't seem to get the clips to play through WMPlayer. It keeps asking for codec 11 intel ima adpcm, I can't find this missing codec, and it's making me batty.Kate Dubensky

Windows Media Player Missing Codecs

OK - you are definitely not alone when it comes to this problem. Apparently there is an incompatibility between Windows Vista and Windows Media Player causing this error message. As unbelievable as it seems, Microsoft appears to have overlooked making sure that their latest operating system is compatible with their popular media player. Codecs are small software programs that contain the instructions to open and use different file types, among other things, and Microsoft hasn't made this one available.

Getting Around the Missing Codec

There are, thankfully, some fixes. You can try one or more of these to get to play your videos, depending on how important using Windows Media Player is to you. The first suggestions bypass WMP altogether, but I think are your safest and best bet. Many users report success viewing their video clips using Windows Photo Gallery, a program included in Windows Vista. It is possible that Microsoft intends users to use this program instead of WMP. You might also have the codec error if you are trying to open .asf files because Windows Media Player reportedly doesn't support this file type. If this is the case, the instructions below should circumvent the problem.

Play your Video Files with Windows Photo Gallery

  1. Right click on the video clip that you want to play
  2. Choose Properties
  3. Choose Open With
  4. Click the Change option on the right side
  5. Choose Windows Photo Gallery - if this option isn't shown, choose Other Programs, then Windows Photo Gallery
  6. The video file should open and play in this program, which is reportedly faster than WMP
  7. This adjustment should automatically change the ‘open with' settings for all other similar file types or repeat the steps for each file

Download and Open Files with VLC

Another option is to download another media player that supports the files types you are trying to play. VLC is a very popular player that plays most files. Click the link to download the player, then when you want to play videos right click them and choose to open with VLC.

Try Activating the Windows Media Player Codec

For now, you might have to accept that WMP can't play your video files. However, here is one option that tries to empower Windows Media Player to open the files. I haven't tested this theory myself, so I can't guarantee its success, but there isn't much harm in trying. If it works, then you might be able to play your videos in WMP after all.

  1. Click Start, then Control Panel
  2. Choose Sounds and Audio Devices
  3. Choose the Hardware tab
  4. Click twice on Audio Codecs
  5. Right click imaadp32.acm and choose Properties
  6. Check that Use This Audio Codec is selected
  7. Close and try opening the video file again

My advice is to use Windows Photo Gallery or VLC. Try these options and let us know how it goes and what ends up working for you. If you need any more assistance, let us know. Good luck!

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