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Logitech Webcam and MSN Messenger

I have a Logitech webcam installed on my computer. I can use it to view, but I cannot communicate with it on my MSN messenger.Susan Keenan

If you are using a Windows based operating system, then your webcam should be compatible with MSN Messenger. The fact that you can use your Logitech webcam to view images hints at the possibility that the problem might not be with the webcam but with the software that it is using. You might need to install Adobe Flash Player or Java in order for your webcam to function properly. Read on to get more specific details.

Logitech Webcam and QuickCam Software

One of the first steps to take is to see if your Logitech webcam works with the QuickCam Software that came with it. If it does, then the problem is not related to the webcam, its drivers, or its software. If it doesn't work properly, then follow the next listed strategy and move on down the list.

Webcam Connection and Drivers

When using a webcam on the computer, it is a good idea to update not only the drivers for the webcam occasionally but also to update the operating system as well as your Direct X drivers.

Webcam Connection with MSN Messenger

In order to use your Logitech webcam with MSN Messenger, you need to have Adobe Flash installed. If you do have it installed, then you want to make sure that you have the latest version of this application. If not, then it can lead to problems such as the one that you are having.

Moreover, it is possible that your installation of Adobe Flash is flawed. If it is or even if this is a possibility, you'll need to uninstall Adobe Flash Player using the uninstaller provided on Adobe's website. Adobe wants everyone to use their uninstaller in order to make sure that all files related to Adobe Flash Player are uninstalled in order to allow a better installation of this application the next time around. It is a simple download that you can obtain by following this link: Uninstall Adobe Flash Player.

Then, you will need to reinstall the latest version of it. First, reboot your computer and visit Adobe's website again to uninstall the latest version of Adobe Flash Player.

Webcam Connection and Java

In some cases, the installation of Java will go a long way to having your webcam function properly no matter which chat rooms you decide to visit.

Uninstall the Java application that is currently on your computer before installing the latest version of it. Since you want to be entirely sure that all of the files related to Java have been uninstalled, you can use the Windows Installer Cleanup tool which will get rid of any remnants of the Java application for you. Now visit Java's website at Java Download to download and install the latest version on it.

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