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Using Webcam with Linux

I have just bought a netbook with Linux installed. It has an integrated webcam. I am wondering what type of program (i.e. msn messenger) I can use if I want to use the webcam with someone who runs Windows?

Kate DubenskyIM Clients for Linux

Configure your Webcam?

Well, since your computer came with Linux installed and the webcam is integrated, am I correct in assuming that your computer recognizes the camera and that all is well and ready to go on your side? If this isn't the case and you need to set up your webcam, write again and we can deal with that.

Add a Plug-In to Make your Computer MSN Compatible

As far as instant messaging programs go, you have some cool options that you can use on your Linux operating system. There are some fairly traditional choices that make your Linux based system compatible with MSN Messenger, basically plug-ins that will allow you to run MSN Messenger on your system, but this is a bit of an out-dated option, and some users report camera issues with this installation. If you are interested in exploring this option further, there is a program called Wine that should make your computer MSN compatible.

Universal IM Clients for UNIX

More compatible with your operating system, and more fun for its versatility, are programs that are actually designed for your Linux system and that allow you to IM with your webcam with friends on a number of different IM sites.

Pidgin for Linux

Pidgin is an instant messaging program that is designed to run on Windows, Linux, and other Unix systems, like KDE - K Desktop Environment, The cool thing about Pidgin, in addition to being compatible with your computer, is that you can use this program to talk to people who are using AIM, ICQ, Jabber, MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, Bonjour, MySpace IM and more! Pidgin is a free download, currently used by millions of people. Here's the link to the latest version for your operating system.

aMSN for Linux

There is another program called aMSN, which is an MSN clone for Linux, which might be your very best option. aMSN is known for supporting webcams, in addition to many other features. Like Pidgin, aMSN allows you to IM with friends across a number of IM clients. Also a free download, here is the link to the aMSN website download page. I hope this helps!

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