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Troubleshooting HP Scanjet Scanner Errors

I Am using HP scan pro on my PPC Mac OSX G4 and an HP scanjet (flatbed) 4570c. Problem is the picture scan comes out black or with minimal color in splotches but can’t see photo. Tried everything I can think of. It was working fine before I had my Mac repaired. I installed another driver but can’t find it now.

Kate DubenskyTroubleshooting HP Scanjet Scanner on Mac OS

Even though I am sure you have already thought of this, it's always a good reminder to check all your cables. I'm not sure that a loose cable could be causing your problem, but it's sure a pain to go through a bunch of other steps only to realize that something isn't connected properly.

Sort Out your Driver Issues

First of all, we need to sort out that missing driver and make sure that you have the correct driver installed. However, it is unlikely that the driver is causing your printer production problems. To deal with this and with the scanner issue, I am going to suggest that you start by removing the scanner drivers and reloading them as well as the scanner and reinstalling it. Before you do, be sure that you have the installation CD that came with your scanner.

Remove the Driver and HP Scanner Software

To find and remove the scanner driver open a new Finder window, choose your hard drive, then System, then Library, Extensions and folder. If there is a driver installed you might need to check with HP for an uninstaller. To remove the HP scanner application and all of its associated folders, please follow this link to the HP Support Document for uninstalling HP Scanjet Scanners in Mac OS.

Reinstall the Scanner Software and Update with Mac Drivers

Once you've safely removed all the software, you should consult the user manual for directions to install the scanner. Make sure that you follow the instructions in order because they can be sensitive. Once you have installed the program you should update the drivers for Mac OS X, which you can find here.

Check the Bulb and Have the Unit Repaired

It is also possible that there is a bulb burnt out in your scanner so that your images are being underexposed. When you try to scan, watch for the light to get bright. If you think this is the issue, I suggest you contact an HP Customer Service representative for information on where and how to go about having the bulb replaced and the model repaired. If you don't get any help there, you can find a local repair person in your area who might be able to fix it. Sadly, it seems that often the price of a new scanner is less than the cost of repairing your existing machine so this one might need to be recycled.

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