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Creating stationary for mac e-mail messages

Can I create wallpaper on my email setting to make the emails interesting when contacting others? If so, can you offer any advice about how to set this permanently on the Mac?

Kate DubenskyUsing Mac Mail Stationary

How to Use Mac Mail Stationary

Using email stationary is fun and adds a creative and interesting touch to your correspondence. You can absolutely set custom stationary or create your own designs to accompany your emails on your Mac but you will make these changes in your email account, rather than to your computer settings.

Open Mac Mail

If you are using Mac OS X Leopard mail, there are over 30 professionally designed email templates included in your application. To start using your Mac mail stationary, first click Mail in your Applications directory or from your dock if the icon is stored there. On the left column, choose your email account. Next, click New Message on the toolbar, or click the File tab, then New Message to open a blank email.

Customize your Mail Toolbar to Show Stationary

On the top toolbar, choose Show Stationary. If this listing doesn't appear, you can adjust the toolbar settings by press the Ctrl key and click on the toolbar and choose Customize Toolbar. This will let you configure the toolbar options. Click and drag the Stationary icon over the toolbar and drop it to add it to the list. Click Done when you're finished.

Choose a Mac Mail Template

Now, once you click Stationary, a new field will appear in the Mail window, right under the address bar. This is the template pane. Click it to open the template options and then click to choose the one you want to use. It will open and automatically fill the email page, displaying the way it will when your contact opens your message.

Create your Own Mail Templates

Using the existing Mac stationary files you can make changes and save your own templates without losing the original design. By opening a copy of the file, you can make adjustments without permanently changing the original file. To create your own template, first select the file that you want to use and click File on the taskbar, then select Get Info. Under the General tab of the Info window, choose the checkbox for Stationary Pad.

Add Photos from your iPhoto Library

You can also click the Photo Browser option from the toolbar to add personalized photos to your templates. The Photo Browser will link to your iPhoto library, allowing you to browse and choose your photos.

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  1. 001   art

    I've been around pc's a long time but this one gets me.I'm a web designer..i like making my own stuff but here's the problem i'm having..after i get my mail template the way i want it..i save as that point things are fine..i go to custom and find it there..i click on it and it opens the trouble soon as i put the cursor in the body to write,the entire body gets highlighted...there is no way to get out of it..the sec i staart to type the image that i put there is gone..then it shows a text box to write in..i've even tried to widen the trxt box and put an image in that way..still won't will keep the colored background i put in but not the image.what am i doing wrong,I have written mac over and over but they don't seem to care.can you help me?

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