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Yahoo kicks off contacts

On Yahoo, one of my contacts only get kicked off when he is talking to me and besides that there are times when my webcam works and his doesn’t? He is my only contact on Yahoo as I use MSN for other contacts and never had that problem there. Any ideas?

Susan KeenanUpdate the Version of Yahoo

If the two of you are using different versions of Yahoo that could account for the problems that you are experiencing. Talk to the other person and find out whether you are both using the latest version of the application. If one of you (or both of you) have not updated to the latest available version, do so now and the problem should be resolved.

Clear the Temporary Cache on Internet Explorer

It is quite likely that this problem will resolve itself once you clear out the Internet or browser cache and history. Follow these steps:

1)      Open up "Internet Explorer."

2)      Select "Tool" from the top.

3)      Select "Internet Options" from the list.

4)      Click the "General Tab" from the top.

5)      Select "Temporary Internet Files" by checking off the box.

6)      Select "Delete Cookies" by checking off the box.

7)      Select "Delete Files" by checking off the box.

8)      Select "ok."

Yahoo and Webcam

Lots of different reasons can account for problems with webcams. Even if you have no problem issues mentioned here, you need to check with your contact to see if he does. This service requires the user to provide a birth date that indicates that the user is over the age of 13 at the time of registration. This information can easily be entered incorrectly, so you might want to check it anyway.

Any individuals that you attempt to contact must be included on your Messenger list. If not, then their webcam will not work.

Your camera might not be compatible with this Messenger service. Please check this link for a list of compatible cameras: Help Yahoo Webcam.

Additionally, it is possible that the camera might be malfunctioning at the time. Make sure that the settings for "Camera Source" have been set up properly in Messenger.

Reinstall Yahoo Messenger

It is possible that your version of Yahoo! Messenger has somehow become corrupted. The only step to take here is to reinstall it.

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