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Save Music and Photos before restoring PC

I am trying to install iTunes and my computer says Windows Installer is corrupt. I’ve tried downloading a new Window Installer and it has not worked. I am wondering now if I use my eMachine restore disc, will it work? Will it lose all my music and photos? Help?

Susan KeenanIf you use the restore disc that came with your eMachine, you will need to back up any data that you wish to save because you will lose everything due to the restoration. I am including directions on how to back up your iTunes folder. However, you will also need to back up any other information that you have stored on your computer.

There are many ways to backup your data and photo files including burning your files to CD or DVD or storing them online. If you're interested in using an online backup service, BeinSync is an excellent choice.

Delete and Install iTunes

Before going through all of that, delete the iTunes that you tried to install even if the installation wasn't complete. Next, visit Apple's website and obtain the download for iTunes from there. You can access it from this link: iTunes.

Backing up iTunes Folder with a CD or DVD

With iTunes 7 or 8, a backup feature exists. It will allow you to save your iTunes library onto a CD or DVD. You'll need a compatible CD burner or DVD burner depending on which form of media you choose to save it to. Follow these steps to create a back up disc:

1)      Open up your "iTunes."

2)      Select the "File" tab.

3)      Select "Library."

4)      Select the option "Back up disc."

5)      From the dialog box for "iTunes Backup," you should select one of the following choices: "Back up iTunes Store purchases" or "Back up entire iTunes library and play lists."

6)      Insert your blank CD or DVD.

7)      Select the option "Back Up." Your files will be saved as iTunes scans the disc and burns your files.

8)      If the disk does not have enough room on it, select the option "Data Discs" and insert additional disks.

9)      Transfer the files to the computer once you have restored it.

Transferring iTunes Folder with an iPod

Since an iPod includes a high capacity hard drive, you can use it to move all of your files from an old computer to a new or restored one. You can only do this if you are using iTunes 7, so update to iTunes 7 if you haven't previously done so. To see a full set of detailed instructions on how to transfer your iTunes folder using your iPod, follow this link: Transfer iTunes Using iPod. It explains how to:

1)      Switch your iPod to manual use

2)      Enable disk use

3)      Place all of the music together

4)      Make sure you have enough room on your iPod

5)      Free up space on the iPod

6)      Prepare your iTunes for transfer

7)      Copy the iTunes folder to the iPod

8)    Backup files that currently exist

9)    Copy files to the new location

10)  Add the music that currently exists back in after the back up

11)  Free up room on the iPod so that you can put music back on

12)  Switch the iPod to automatic update

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