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I deleted Quicktime by mistake. How can I get it back?

Susan KeenanWhat is Quicktime?

Quicktime offers cutting edge multimedia capability for a variety of digital media needs. It is used as a means to deliver media over cell phones, computers, etc. Quite a few websites suggest that their users download QuickTime for the ultimate experience with data relayed over the Internet. It is offered as a free player for videos and movie trailers; and users can also upgrade to Quicktime Pro, which provides more advanced uses for this application.

Installing QuickTime: Windows Users

In order to install QuickTime, you simply need to visit the website for this application. Once you arrive at the proper page, you select the version of QuickTime that you would like to download taking care to select the one that has been designed according to your needs. This download is free and easy to install.

You should notice that the download version listed at the top of the left-hand corner includes iTunes for Windows Vista or Windows XP. The one beneath this version does not include iTunes capability. Simply tick off or mark the version of QuickTime 7.6 that you want to download. Then, click on the download button beneath that.

Once you click "download," your browser will download the installer for the application.

The download starts automatically. To access the latest version of QuickTime compatible with the Windows operating system, visit this link: Quicktime Download. If you decide later on that you like QuickTime and would like to upgrade to QuickTime Pro, you can easily do so.

You can also choose to sign up for a weekly subscription to "New Music Tuesday" or to receive update "Apple News," software updates and the latest in news related to technology, products, and services. If you elect to do so, you simply fill in your email address.

Installing QuickTime: Mac Users

If you are a Mac user, you need to visit the following link: Apple Quicktime Player in order to download a compatible version of QuickTime 7.6 for your computer. On this page, the download tab is located to the right-hand side of the page. This download is free and easy to complete. For the best results, always close all other applications when downloading software of any kind.

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