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How to open a Windows Briefcase made in XP using Vista Home premium? Error message reads, “Cannot be opened because disk is inaccessible.”

Celeste StewartWindows Briefcase in Windows Vista

Windows Briefcase is a tool that used for synchronizing files between computers or removable media. Though Briefcase is being phased out in favor of the Windows Sync Center, it is still available in all versions of Vista. To create a Briefcase in Windows Vista, you simply go into the folder that contains the files required, right-click a blank space in the Explorer pane, and choose New > Briefcase. From there, you can copy the Briefcase to a laptop and then work with the files on either computer. When a file changes, synchronize the Briefcase by right-clicking the Briefcase folder and choosing Update All.

Briefcase cannot be Opened because Disk in Inaccessible Error

Unfortunately, errors do occur when using Briefcase as you have just discovered. The "Briefcase cannot be opened because the disk is inaccessible" error is most often associated with a missing shortcut. If you are receiving this error, let's first make sure that you aren't trying to access the Briefcase via a shortcut. For example, if you normally click a shortcut on your Desktop to open the file, the shortcut could be incorrect. Try opening the file directly from its source location. If the Briefcase opens from the source, then you'll need to delete the shortcut and create a new one.

This same error occurs when using the "Send to" command. This happens when the shortcut to the briefcase doesn't point to an existing Briefcase or the original Briefcase has been moved or renamed. You can change this by going to C:\Windows\SendTo and right-clicking the Briefcase shortcut. Choose Properties > Shortcut and change the target so that it refers to an existing Briefcase.

If you are trying to open the Briefcase from a USB stick, CD, or some other portable storage media, try dragging the Briefcase file from the media directly onto your Vista Desktop. From there, try opening it directly from the Desktop. This technique has worked for other users.

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3 Responses to “How to open a Windows Briefcase made in XP using Vista Home premium? Error message reads, “Cannot be opened because disk is inaccessible.””

  1. 001   Muhammad Kamran Khan

    I am gonna teach you a simple method of how to open a briefcase which is being made in windows XP. Only a geek would try to open a short cut your solution is irrelevant. Recently there was some data saved in briefcase I copied it to flash drive and When I wanted to open it, it said its in accessible. I did lots of research but finally I found a simple solution. Go to folder option in control panel click view check show hidden files. Uncheck hide extension for known files and hide protect operating system files. After this go to your flash drive and right click on briefcase and select cut and paste it on the desktop of your pc or laptop. It will ask you if you want to move system file along with briefcase click yes. As soon the file transfer from flash drive to your desktop completes. You will see the icon of the briefcase will change to folder. Now you can access your date. This formula not only works in Windows Vista but also in Windows 7. For feedback mail me at

  2. 002   sfkc

    Thank you Muhammad. That is the best solution online

  3. 003   Ruben

    I had the same problem.. probably after renaming the external drive, the briefcase became inaccessible
    I was not able to move, cut or paste it at all.. not within the external drive or desktop.
    Because its just a renaming error.. or how to you call that?
    I made a `new briefcase` on the external drive (briefcase 2) and then moved the `new briefcase` to the new empty one. That worked.. and files are accessible.. whoohoo :)

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