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Mac desktop icons will not open

I run a Mac OSX 10.4.11. Recently I have been unable to click on my desktop icons and have them open. I have to use the finder menu to open them. Also one of my document folders says it is locked or in use and I can only get a copy of it. I have tried to unlock the file by going to “get info” in the finder menu but when I do it shows that the file is not locked. Finally, I have a “saved” recipe on my desktop that I can’t drag into my “clipped recipe file” on my desktop.

Kate DubenskyResolving Mac OS X Glitches and Errors

Reset the RAM and System Settings

Sometimes regular wear and tear from long periods of use can cause your operating system to get sluggish and refuse some commands. To reset the RAM and resolve any potential system problems, sometimes a simple restart is enough. Click the apple in the top left corner of your screen then choose Restart.

Force Quit Problem Programs

Another option for stalled programs is a Force Quit. This command will close a program that refuses to respond to the Quit command. From the icons in the dock, place your cursor over the open program, then press the button on your touchpad or mouse. This will open the program menu and display its status. From here, choose Force Quit. If you can't get a program to quit normally or if it is preventing the operating system from quitting, Force Quit is a good option. Restarting the problematic program usually resolves the issue.

Change Screen Resolution to Resolve Desktop Issues

Another suggestion to resolve desktop icon issues is to change the screen resolution. Click the Finder icon and choose System Preferences. Click to open the Displays Panel, and then select the Display tab. Now, there are a number of resolution settings on the left of the window. Change the resolution then quit and close the window. Repeat the steps to reset the resolution -1024x768 is the recommended setting.

How to Open Stuck Folders

For the seemingly locked folder but not actually locked, try this:

  • Open Finder, click Applications then Utilities
  • Click to open Terminal
  • Type in sudo chflags -R nouchg followed by a space
  • Drag the locked folder into the Terminal window
  • Press Return
  • Put in your password and then Return

Repair Permissions to Resolve File Control Issues

For the file that won't allow you to drag and drop it in the folder, try this to repair the permissions:

  • Click the Finder icon, then choose Applications
  • Click to open Utilities, then select Disk Utility by clicking it twice
  • Choose the second icon for the hard drive on the left side and then choose the First Aid tab
  • Click Repair Permissions
  • Let this run then quit Disk Utility
  • Reboot the computer and try it out

Run a Disk Repair

If you are still having issues:

  • Turn the computer off and put the original mac os x disk in the disk drive
  • Boot the computer. Immediately press and hold the ‘c' key
  • Don't click the Installer Screen, but choose the Installer Menu and choose Disk Utility
  • Choose the second icon from the bar on the left of the window, then click Repair Disk on the lower right side
  • If the system performs repairs, click Repair Disk again after the first attempt
  • Click Repair Disk until it performs no more fixes
  • Choose Repair Permissions
  • Close and quit Disk Utility and reboot the system

I hope these fixes solve your problems!!!

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