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Installing adobe CS4

Am trying to install Adobe CS4 software - on a brand new computer, but keep coming up with message saying that it cannot go any further until I close the Adobe Updater. Checked task manager and nothing is open. Aargh, please help if you can.

Kat DelongAs you know, this software is not cheap, so I can imagine how frustrating this problem must be - and on a new computer too. There are a few things you can do before spending time on the phone with Adobe trying to work this problem out. Even though this is a new computer, once you have the partially-loaded CS4 software removed, you should be sure to back up the system and set a restore point so that if anything happens, you can easily get your system back to a workable point.

Despite praise for the program, there are many cases of users having trouble with the installation. The Adobe Updater is something that Adobe installs with many of its products and will automatically check for updates for Adobe products. It is usually installed in another folder on your computer.

Disable Adobe Updater

If you don't mind looking for updates yourself, you can try to disable the Updater and see if it will let you continue with the installation. This is providing that you can find the Updater on your system. Go to Program Files and then Common Files. Find Adobe and the Updater on your hard drive. Find the box for "Automatically check for Adobe updates" and uncheck it. Close all of the windows and see if you can continue with the installer.

Clean Script

If that doesn't work, running the Adobe CS4 Clean Script and then doing a clean install is probably your best bet. This program should work as it is specifically made for problems when installing CS4. It should not interfere with CS3 products you have installed on your computer, although it will give you the option to remove them if you wish.

First, uninstall as much of the program as you can using Add/Remove programs. Now go to the webpage for Adobe CS4 Clean Script and download the file that is on the bottom of the web page, depending on your operating system. You will then unzip the file that downloaded - it includes a Read Me file with detailed instructions for using the program. Once the script has run, you will close your system and restart. Now you can try a new reinstall from your CD.

If you are still having trouble with the installation of your Adobe CS4, I would contact Adobe customer service as your next step. This is a valuable program and you want to make sure you get your money's worth.

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